Education is essential to build the next level of human life like better career, in many cases. But that is not the only thing, in fact, there is other thing that should be counted as necessary like how to apply that thing you get from your education back then at school, and don’t you think that it would be easy. After graduated, you will enter a so-called transition stage where you look like you are ready for the career opportunity, the truth, you are not as you need to make yourself more marketable or presentable. Nevertheless, this is not like your education is not important at all, you need your education, but with a little bit extra.

So, welcome to this site where you will find that extra thing to enhance your career opportunity. Traineeship, learnership, internship, and apprenticeship, do you interested with it? Herein, you will discover recent update of those above to secure your bright future. Variants of training program from different companies and government departments, all of those are presented here for you. But that is not the only thing as the training programs will embrace various degrees, national diplomas or any relevant qualifications, so then any of you, who needs that extra thing to grab your future career have the chance.

A training program, such as, traineeship, learnership, apprenticeship or internship, allows its applicants to experience additional theoretical and practical knowledge to sharpen their skill, by emphasizing their program through on-the-job training. During the training programs, you will be situated as if you already become part of the industry. The difference? You will be get mentored and your performance will be supervised. In addition, some of the training program will grant its applicant stipend, too, it is not less common that you will get permanent work opportunity through  company or government department where you apply.

The updated internship, learnership, traineeship, or apprenticeship program will provide information about requirement stuffs, the deadline of the published program and other essential information that will assist anyone to win the chance for the training program that they apply. For instance, graduates in engineering, you are suggested to oin Transnet, Eskom and so on for internship or apprenticeship opportunities. Nevertheless, this site is not a recruitment agency or anything like that. As the only purpose of this site is to share the crowds that look for the information that they have no idea its very existence.

So, who we are? Like what is stated previously the aim of this site is to share information related to apprenticeship program and more, for those who yearn for such an information. It may you, or in the case it is not you, you can share the information to friends or anyone you knew that look for the information for skill development. As we are only sharing information for learnership, traineeship, internship or apprenticeship opportunities, we are not involved in recruitment, because once again we simply share the information and link you back to the original site. However, feedback and comment are appreciated, and thank you so much for visiting our page.