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Nowadays, human lifestyle is getting more and more competitive, particularly in job seeking. To make sure you can stay floating in this competitive nature, it is important to have high educational background and degrees. This qualification will enhance your chance to get a job that is suitable to your competences and passion. If you are interested in banking field and wish to get particular education related to the field after you complete your formal education, you can try to join ABSA Ready to Work learnership career. This training program is provided by ABSA Bank Limited. Through this program, you can get various learning materials that will help you improve your work, entrepreneurial, people, and money skills.

The participants of this program are given chances to choose their preferred learning pathway based on their personal needs and complete the learning process through internet using a computer, mobile platform, or tablet. Once the preferred pathway is completed, this program also offers more opportunities to learn further about their possible workplace by allowing you to experience working in their place. The participants can also access the facilitator guides needed to support their journey to face working environment.

As a company under Barclays Africa Group, this subsidiary provides a broad variety of retail, business, investment, and corporate banking, as well as products and services management, primarily within Africa Region, and particularly within South Africa. The aim of this company is to support their clients and customers in accomplishing their ambitions and dreams in the correct and promising way. The goal of this company is to be the chosen provider of financial services. This corporation have a commitment to shared growth that means creating a great impact to the society and conveying shareholder value. The values of this group are explained below:

  • Integrity: the group acts openly, fairly, and ethically in everything that they do.
  • Service: the company puts their clients and customers as the main priority of what they do.
  • Respect: they value and respect those they work together with and their contribution.
  • Excellence: the group uses their resources, skills, and energy to give the top sustainable results.
  • Stewardship: the company has a great passion in turning things better than when they found them.

In 2015, ABSA released Ready to Work program, an initiative of employability that provides services to equip and train young people in order to prepare themselves for working environment. This program offers access to top notch learning materials, focused on entrepreneurial, money, people, and work skills, via online content, work exposure, and training face-to-face. It is a training curriculum that pursues for empowering people within productive age with skills and training they need to improve their entrepreneurial and employability prospects. For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIP: More Information ABSA

The company has identified skills development and education as a room in which it is able to create a sustainable influence via initiatives such as the Ready to Work program. The main focus area of this company is Skills Development and Education, mainly to support the future generation in getting the opportunities and skills they need to transit from school life to entrepreneurship or working environment.

The Head of Citizenship of Barclays Africa mentioned that the main priority of their Citizenship plan is to support young people in gaining access to the opportunities and skills they need to unleash their potential. Those are some information about Ready to Work program and overview of ABSA as a company to give you general idea about what you will get if you join the program.

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