AFROX Learnership Internship Job The Linde Group

African Oxygen Limited or Afrox is a company that focuses on the production of gases and welding products. This gas company is located in South Africa. Afrox has been opened since 1927 and get the significant development up until now. This company is trying to develop efficient technology in order to fulfill the customer needed. Well, Afrox is a part of the Linde Group that has several branches in other African countries. Afrox has one mission that is to be the leader company in the production of the gases and welding company. They want to be superior in any term such as technology and quality of the employee. In order to achieve the vision, Afrox has set several missions that should be done such as focusing tom improve the performance of the enhancing atmospheric gases, providing the engineering services, improve the quality and safety of the welding and LPG to the customers, improving the quality of customer services, enhancing the quality and the disciplinary of the product delivery, increasing the value of infrastructure, doing the training for the employee to get professional staffs, and maintaining the relationship and benefits with the stakeholders. Considering the wide scope of the vision and mission, there are some chances for the people to get a job in order to pursue the high Afrox learnership career in their life. They can work in several places that are available.

In order to get the high-quality and professional employees, the Afrox company provides several programs for the job seeker and employee. The Afrox company differentiates programs based on the group such as employees, university students, graduated students, and professional groups. Each group has different programs. It will depend on the need of each group. The main goal of the programs is to produce the employee with high skill and can work well in the company so that the productivity of the company is also increased. For example, in order to have a skillful company with the best workability, the Afrox company provides the best company cultures.

The employee is being asked to follow the vision and principles during their work every single day. In addition, the company also treats the employee with respect. They also make the working environment full of integrity and respect for each other. In addition, the company also concern about the safety and sustainability of the employee so that they will responsible for the thing that may happen with their employee. Since Afrox is under the Linde Group, they also provide the opportunity of Afrox to work in a foreign country so that they can learn about the culture of other countries. It will be a great chance for the employee to achieve high Afrox learnership internship. You can see in here if you want to see list job: APPLY AFROX

Another program is for university students. The Afrox provides several interesting programs for university students so that they can get valuable experiences by working in Afrox company. They can do internships programs. The students will be given several tasks regarding the company’s activity and business management. After that, they can a lot of experience with it. If the students show good performance while doing an internship, they will be offered to work as the employee in the Afrox company.

The students also have several possibilities to get the work in the Afrox company that is suitable for their major. The students also can do their research in the Afrox company. They will get financial and facilities support of the company. Meanwhile, for the students who have graduated from the university, they can join some training in the company and apply for the job vacancies. It will be a good option for reaching the Afrox learnership job.

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