Alexander Forbes Learnership Program Securing Financial

Alexander Forbes Learnership Program is a development program that is designed for unemployed youth of South Africa as their stepping stone to obtain better career opportunity that relevant to the learnership. Alexander Forbes is a company that works in the investment solution, financial services, and insurance industry. The employees are about 3.120 people. Well, working in a company like this will give you many benefits. The Available Learnerships Careers will be a great thing in your future.

This company concern that enjoyable and understandable environmental work is a must. Therefore, they make some programs for the employee to make the employee enjoy their work. The job description of the employee is well defined. Only the smart people, creative, hardworking, and love their work can be hired by this company. On the other hand, the company also recognizes the performance of the employee. They will give feedback and reward for the employee’s performance.

The benefits and rewards of working in Alexander Forbes Learnership Program

Working in Alexander Forbes will give you many benefits. Being the employee in this company, you will get some facilitations such as financial planning services, death and disability services, spouse death, dread diseases, and the personal incident cover as well as the funeral cover. Moreover, the company also provides health and lifestyle information for the employee. If you have any emergency case about your health, you can call the 24-hours call center. In addition, they conduct regular blood donation, health awareness, and a healthy living campaign.

The company also make an opportunity for the employee to improve their ability by giving a chance to work with some of the greatest business agents. If the employee wants to continue their education, they can study at the accredited university. The company will give support for their study in order to fulfill the aim of the company which is concerning the education of the company. The company also makes sure that all of the employees will be granted based on their performance. If the employee can do a good performance, the company will give some rewards. In order to ensure the relationship between the company and the employee, the two ways communication is conducted. It will reduce the misunderstanding between the company and the employee. Well, these are some of the benefits and rewards of being an employee in the Alexander Forbes Learnership company. See more information in here: Apply ALEXANDER FORBES

The training management for young people

In order to give many benefits for the society, the company also make some training programs for the young people that want to be a professional in the financial services and insurance industry which is known as learner internship. It will help them to create a better future since they are professionals. There are some accommodations for the young people that are qualified to join this program.

The participants will get some benefits such as earning an allowance, obtaining the qualification certificate while working, gaining the exposure of how to work in the workplace, gaining the experience and knowledge from the mentor and increasing the chances of employment for the participants in the future. It is great, isn’t it? At the end of the program, the participant will get a qualification from one of these four fields such as wealth management, contact center operations, short-term insurance, and technical support.

However, to join this program, the participants need to complete some requirements including South African citizens, unemployed, the age in the range of 18 – 30 years old, not currently enrolled in another educational institution, and can participate the full time of program which is about 12 months. The other requirements are the participants should have good communication skills, can work in fast pace environmental working, and in good healthy condition.  The healthy condition should be proven by the medical certificate from the registered medicinal practitioners.


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