Application Is Opened For Masakh’i Sizwe Bursary Program

The goal of Masakh’i Sizwe bursary is to assist its qualified applicants to have insight through both training and education aspects, so then they not only can build their own future career but also their nation. Taken its name from Nguni tribe’s it has meaning to build the nation. In collaboration with NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) and HEI (Higher Education Institutions) the bursary will be grant aspiring students that aim for; town and regional planning, quantity surveying, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, construction management, and architecture.

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Not to mention, Masakh’i Sizwe bursary will expose you with supportive environment to help you accelerate your skill in engineering. And yes, for anything that you will achieve through the bursary, this one is worth applying. You know, you get not only financial aid to help you to continue your education, but as well they prepare you with training program, so then you are well prepared once you enter the industry. Who have chance for the bursary? Any qualified students that meet the requirements can apply the bursary opportunity that is offered, however those students that financially in need for the bursary will be prioritized.

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Too, if you are women that comes from rural community, the chance to win Masakh’i Sizwe bursary will be wider. Interested? There is application form that you need to complete before submitting the application for the bursary. In addition, for the application you can get it online through certain link that is provided by the official. Only if you want to know further toward the bursary opportunity that is schemed, be sure to visit the official website. The deadline for the bursary is set until September 15th 2016. You know, winning the bursary, you don’t need to think about employment opportunity, since it is guaranteed.

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