Applying Bursary At Assets

Aspiring students that yearn for applying bursary at Assets, your chance is here. However, the chance for the bursary is only for qualified students who are; (1) South Africa citizen that also the resident of Western Cape, (2) hold Grade 12, and aiming for higher education (first year) for higher certificate, degree, or diploma, and (3) enrolled to the major that is inline with the bursary mission. When it comes to the application, it should be made from University Of Technology or University in Western Cape, aside from it, such as application from FET colleges or private institutions, it will be discouraged.

Bursary at Assets

Have all of the qualifications to grab the opportunity for bursary at Assents, send your application to, Bursary department/Association for Educational Transformation/5 Long Street/Mowbray/7700/Cape. Nevertheless, the opportunity to win the bursary will be ended on 30th September. And note that late application will be not considered. The same thing applies when you send your application through fax or email. Less to doubt you will meet with huge number of competitors who are as brilliant as yours to win the bursary. Here are the tips to widen your chance. First, apply as soon as possible to either the University of Technology or University of your preference.



Second, your result of grade 11 to grade 12, you need to submit those within June to September. In case you look for more information related to bursary at Assets, source them trough, (1) for Cape Peninsula University of Technology, (2) for University of Stellenbosch, (3) for University of the Western Cape, and (4) for University of Cape Town. You know, sometimes the reason why you can’t win the bursary opportunity is not because you have no qualification for the bursary, but you are not equipped yourself with proper information related to the bursary opportunity that is offered.

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