Arcelormittal Traineeship Learnership Internship Job South Africa Program

Before discussing about Arcelormittal traineeship learnership career, it is a must to know what kind of company is Arcellormittal. Arcellormittal South Africa is a company that also a part of ArcellorMittal Group which is a global company and it is also known as the biggest steel manufacturer in the world. Today, this company has its 330,000 employees spread within the offices in 60 countries and one of them is located in South Africa. So, why South Africa? Becoming the part of the biggest steel manufacturer, this is a good way to lead the research, advance technology and development of global leadership and skills development for South Africa. This company is bringing the space for South Africa citizens to have world class skill and abilities in steel manufacturing field. In South Africa, Arcelormittal traineeship learnership job is being the premier steel producing company that working about 9500 employees that spread around this territory such like Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu. This company has its values that implanted that are Caring, Safety, Commitment and Customer focus. These values make this company great as a steel producing manufacturer in Africa.

In order to develop and make this company grows into more successful business, Arcelormittal traineeship learnership opportunity is looking for those people who are talented and young to be the part of this company team. With Graduates and Traneeships programmes, this company creates talented persons with skills. This company provides some programmes for young people to get more skills such as Graduate in Training Programme, Candidate Technician Programme and Candidate Engineer Programme. This company also offers Apprenticeship Programmes and Metal Production Learnerships. This is a condition that is good for the future of South Africa development in steel manufacture sector.

Being part of this company, indirectly, you are also contributing to the progress of South Africa to better conditions than at present. Associated with the increasing demand for steel in South Africa, we can also learn many things at this company. As mentioned above, the learning program offered by this company can have a good impact on our careers in the future. The ability and expertise gained from working experience in this company will give us the opportunity to continue to develop in a career. Not to forget, we also contribute to the surrounding environment by increasing work competitiveness. Indirectly, healthy work competition will have a good impact on the work culture around us. With a world-class company like this, we are also able to develop our abilities to the fullest. If you want to see this opportunity in here: APPLY ARCELORMITTAL

So, if you have a great desire in a career, especially in steel manufacturing, Arcellormittal is a company that deserves to be considered. This international level company also provides decent salaries for its employees. Not only salary, this company also provides several benefits that have the aim to improve the wellness of employees. Work health and safety insurance is also given to all employees. So by working in this company, you can become someone better than you are now.

To get information about job vacancies in this company, you can access the information through the company’s official website or you can search for them on the online job vacancy site. From the official website of Arcelormittal , you can also get information about this company starting from the history of the company, what is done, who is the executive officer, and various kinds of information that you might need. As a South African citizen, you can join Arcelormittal traineeship learnership vacancy South Africa for your future, your company and your country. When you apply at this company, make sure that the position qualifications offered at this company are already qualified with the criteria you have.


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