ARMSCOR Learnership and Vacancies Program

ARMSCOR learnership and vacancies, it is the Armaments Corporation of South Africa. It is providing learnership, vacancies and bursaries for the studies to be suitably qualified of South African learners who are in around their first, second, and third year of their study to come and register in the university of technology or South African university. The aim of that scheme is to address the engineering skills and critical science of this industry by trying to focus on the improving and promoting results in technical, Math, and Science subject at school.

The bursaries program will be awarded for the learners from the previously disadvantage backgrounds that intend to study in full time in the science and engineering fields of study. ARMSCOR learnership and vacancies is such an acquisition company for the South African Department and the other organs of this state. Armscor is renowned for the acquisition expertise in providing the turnkey solution that encompasses the product development and support, technology development, product upgrading, well as the disposal of equipment. The research and the development function focus on producing the cutting-edge technology products.

ARMSCOR learnership’s vision is to be such a truly South African organization which is valued globally and locally as the centre of the technical excellence for the the acquisition and the support services. The ARMSCOR learnership and vacancies maintains the strategic capabilities and the technologies and promotes the local company with the industry. The corporation conducts business for the highest standards while it remains the committed to the equal opportunities, accountability, and transparency. Armscor provides two-year contracts for the recent graduates to gain the experience in such a highly technical environment.

People with female graduates and disabilities will be given the preference. Armscor supports the government’s commitment to recognize and support the military veterans for the contribution to bring the realization of a prosperous, democratic, and peaceful of the South Africa. The applicants are invited from some people who meet the requirements for the military veterans benefits as the stipulated in the Military Veterans Act number 18. For those of you who want to see this learnership: Apply Armscor Learnership

The purpose of ARMSCOR learnership and vacancies is it participates actively in addressing the shortage of the scarce and critical skills by promoting the career opportunities for young people in South Africa. The Armscor’s bursary scheme, apprenticeship, and entrepreneurial training are the initiatives to develop critical and the scarce skills and the building capacity for this industry of South Africa. The Armscor Talent Development and Human resources Department’s Learning Division currently has the following opportunities for the military veterans and dependants:

  • Bursaries (5 vacancies): The requirements are grade 12 and proof from the admission from local university to study towards the electrical or electronics, aeronautics, computer science, mechanical engineering and ergonomics disciplines.
  • Apprenticeship Training: qualifying for young people to attend the theory training in various technical, education and vocational training colleges and other trainings at the Dockyard until those people are ready to do some trade test as the electrician, turner, fitter, electrical fitter, and rigger.
  • Computer and Entrepreneurial skills training: the initiative of them aims to empower the beneficiaries with such a range of the skill for workplace.

An ARMSCOR learnership, vacancies and bursary covers the accommodation and meals, mentoring and coaching, prescribed books, vacation work, tuition fees, and psychosocial support in the form of the individual counseling. There are some requirements that should be fulfilled by the applicants. First is the candidates should have the interest in working for this industry. The second is the applicants’ first-time should have achieved a good result in grade 12 in Science, Math, and English (the achievement levels should be in 5, 6 and 7).

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