ATNS: Air Traffic Controller Traineeship Programme

The ATNS air traffic controller traineeship is meant for talented unemployed graduates with interest in air traffic management and expect to improve their skill within the area.  Due to the completion of the traineeship program, qualified trainees will obtain skill and have qualification of becoming air traffic control officer. Which means, graduates who have such a plan to pursue career opportunity as air traffic control officer, you will meet no hassle for the qualifications that you have. Want to join the traineeship program? Spot the requirements below to ensure whether you have chance to win the program or you are not.

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ATNS Air Traffic & Navigation Service Learnership

Applying for ATNS air traffic controller traineeship 2017, 2018 & 2019, suitable applicants should have; (1) great skill in communication, (2) capability to work effectively in team, (3) skill to undergo multifarious tasks, (4) great skill when it comes to decision making, (5) confidence and positive self-esteem, strong emotional intelligent, (6) analytical skill, and more. This traineeship program is designed by ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services), therefore any suitable applicants who look for more information related to the program that is offered, please visit ATNS website at ATNS. During the traineeship opportunity, suitable trainees will have access to undergo study to improve their understanding toward air traffic management.

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Apply Online ATNS air traffic traineeship

Potential trainees for ATNS air traffic controller traineeship, they will perform the traineeship program at ATA (Aviation Training Academy) that is located in Bonaero Park. Securing your position as trainees, submit your application online before its closing date on August 31st. For your information there are other recruitment processes that you should perform before you officially become trainees in air traffic controller that include formal interview and also ability assessment. Consider yourself can meet the aforementioned requirements, shall you apply for the traineeship program to lead to your future career to become an air traffic control officer.

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