ATNS Learnership Internship Career Air Traffic Navigation Services

ATNS or Air Traffic and Navigation Service ATNS learnership job is a limited company that services the air traffic, training, navigation and associated services in South Africa also Atlantic Ocean and Southern Indian parts. This is great with comprising for 10 percent of the world’s airspace. This company has achieved the top 10 companies in South Africa where this has regards for female representation at levels of executive. This company has its vision in being the supplier of Air Traffic Management solutions and has associated services in the African Continent also selected markets around the world. This has mission to provide expeditions, safe and solutions of efficient Air Traffic Management also associated services. This company has a good purpose in serving the air traffic and navigation service for every purposes of flight planning such like rescue and search coordination activities and maintenance for reliable navigation infrastructure. As a big company, this has been increased the air traffic and navigation systems in South Africa. Thanks to this company in bringing such impact of South Africa development. ATNS is opening for ATNS Learnership Career and you are welcome to join this company for a better future of South Africa air traffic and navigations.

So, why must choose this Company as your career journey started on? The first reason is coming from the mission and vision of this company that mentioned before. Indirectly, working with this company, you are also giving your contribution to enhance the air traffic and navigation in South Africa. This company also has some different departments that you can choose as your skills and abilities qualifications. If you are interested in Air Traffic control, there is ATM (Air Traffic Management) departments that divided into Air Traffic Control Officers, Airspace Efficiency, AIM Clerks, Central Airspace Management Specialist and Flow Management Specialist. From Engineering, there will be Technicians, Engineering Technicians, Project Engineers and Systems Engineers that consisted of Network Infrastructure Personnel, ICT Technicians, Research Specialist and Chief Specialist.

If you do not have knowledge about air traffic and navigation knowledge, you are also available to be positioned in HR, Finance, Information Technology or Commercial Services department. From HR, there will be some positions like Employee Wellness Practitioners, HR Generalists, HR and Payroll Administrators, Employee Relations Practitioners, and Organizational Development Practitioners. From Finance department, you can be positioned in Financial Accountants, Management Accountants, Procurement Specialist or Creditors and Debtors. From Information Technology, it is available for Knowledge and Information Specialist, Business Systems Specialist, Enterprise Architecture, and Project Management Specialist. If you want to see career open in here: APPLY ATNS

For being the front liners of this company, there are Commercial Services department that consisted of Business Analyst, Business Development Managers, Marketing Officer, Communication Officer and Branding. Do not to worry for you who are interesting in Risk and Compliance department, there will be Security Specialist and Local Quality Representative positions. For now, ATNS has been working with many employees with different culture background and this is being a value in working here. The development of your career also good in here to make a better future. ATNS staff development always give the employee trainings and development programs in order to enhance skills and abilities for successful business and career.

If you are interested in joining this company, there will be an easy way to get the information about the job vacancy that available in this company. You can check the official website of ATNS learnership internship and you can find the job in Career option. You can also see some testimonies about experiences from the workers here. ATNS is a place that developed with a belief of cultivating a culture sided with world class learning and an office with supportive environment.

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