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For the last several decades, the competitiveness in human lifestyle, especially in term of job seeking, keep on increasing rapidly due to the increasing population and limited job vacancies. South Africa also get affected by this condition. Actually, there are many job vacancies available if you are careful enough to search it. One of the promising jobs available in South Africa, especially if you are interested in working within entertainment industry is Avusa learnership career. Avusa, or recently known as Times Media Group, can be considered as one among the best entertainment and media company in South Africa.

This company was known as Johnic Communication, but changed into Avusa in 2007. Avusa has the meaning of ‘to evoke and revive action, to rouse feelings’. This company changed its name to differentiate themselves from Johnic Holdings. Avusa was once again renamed as Times Media Group in 2012 after it was obtained by one of Mvelaphnada Group unit. This company is considered as the biggest English publishing company in South Africa and the second biggest in digital publishing. Avusa supplies various media services and materials, such as books, films, music distributor (Gallo Record Company), publishers (Picasso Headline, Mediaguide, New Holland Publishers), producers, magazines (Top Huis, Soccerlife, SA Mining, Longevity, Home Owner.

Other product is Financial Mail, Elle, Computing SA, Avocado), and newspaper (Weekend Post, The Times, Sunday World, The Sunday Times, The Sowetan, Saturday Dispatch, The Herals, Daily Dispatch, Business Day). They also provide retail solutions (Nu metro Cinemas, Exclusive Books). In 2010, Avusa made Times Media Live, their website’s network. This network started to expand from 3 to 21 sites in 2014. This expansion makes Times Media Live one of the biggest publisher network in South Africa.

This company is known for its capability to handle various type of media to publish. There are seven division under this company, which are music, film, retail solutions, maps, books, entertainment, retail, and media. Avusa has grown and developed themselves to be the leading media company in South Africa in particular and across Africa in general. There are approximately 1000 to 5000 employees working in this company. Avusa considered their manpower as the foundation of their success. Thus, they strive for growth and performance within their workers by training their people. This company believes that a supportive working environment is created under the basis of instilling honest communications, openness, trust, and respect in the workplace. If you want to see this LEARNERSHIPS: List of Avusa Careers and Learnerships

Working in Avusa makes you able to learn and work within different field of media and entertainment as this company covers a lot of media. You can develop new skills as well as nurturing your current skills. Rather than promoting the vacancies through their official website, it is better if you check it directly to their subsidiaries. The information regarding the company may be quite rare on internet compared to other company. However, Avusa opens great opportunities for those who want to develop themselves because they really value their employees.

You can also learn many things at once. Even if you enter the company through their newspaper subsidiary, you may actually try other division and expand your knowledge and skills. The longer you work here, the more experience and connection you will earn. Other than the subsidiaries mentioned before, Avusa also has other business interests beside their main brand portfolios, such as Stalcor, Robor, and Kagiso. These subsidiaries are managed and operated with the same commitment and enthusiasm to deliver the best product possible.


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