BBD Learnership Internship Career South Africa 2020-2021

You cannot deny that nowadays information and technology has become one of the most important thing that many people have to learn about. That is because if they have learned how to use the IT properly, they will be able to do a lot of things. If you are interested in this kind of world, then you can simply try to apply the BBD Learnership Program as the software developer on this company. For your information, this company is located in South Africa. As one of the best and the biggest companies in this kind of field, you can be sure that BBD is not going to be soft on all of its candidates. That is why they give you the graduate program if you are interested in becoming one of the people who are working behind the desk as their software development employee. Before going any further, you need to know some of these things first related with the career as the software developer that you could try in BBD.

The Basic Qualifications of BBD Learnership Career

Before you start applying the graduate program from BBD, you need to know that this company expects a lot of things from the candidates. That is why you need to make sure that you have fulfilled all of these qualifications below as one of those many applicants of this program in South Africa:

The first one is that you need to have an vast knowledge about coding despite of your current educational background. This one is important because there are some majors that will not focus on the coding, but on this company, you are required to have a vast knowledge about coding. The second requirement is that you need to be a fresh graduate from one of the recognized universities in the area of South Africa. It does not matter if you are coming from some other areas near South Africa. Yet, the candidates from South Africa are more preferred. The third requirement is that you need to be either the graduates of IT or the finance. These two majors are the things that you need to highlight because they need nothing else. Of course, your scores will also be scored. The next requirement is that you need to have a high interest in everything related with the technology. On this case, you are required to learn more and more things about the technology that changes over time. Here you can apply this opportunity: APPLY BBD

How to Apply BBD Learnership Opportunity

If you think that you have met all of the requirements above, then you can start making your application letter and follow these simple steps below. Here are some of the things that you need to prepare before you apply for the graduate program from BBD IT:

The first thing to prepare is the valid South African identity. Basically, you do not have to attach it if you are coming from outside South Africa. However, as mentioned above, the applicants from South Africa will have a better chance to e accepted. The second thing that you need to prepare is the complete and detailed CV. As an addition to that, you need to make sure that your CV is updated properly. The last thing that you need to prepare is the copy of your latest transcript so that the company is able to score if you are good enough to join the graduate program from BBD IT or not.

Sending Your Application Letter

Once you have prepared all of the documents that they need, you just have to email those documents to the address of this company. Or else, you can try to apply for the program from some other websites that provide the information about the BBD graduate program.

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