BHP Billiton Mining Learnership and Career Opportunity

South Africa is a potential country that offers so many learnerships for their citizens. One of the learnerships provided is BHP Billiton Learnership. This learnership is opened often for people who want to gain more skills and much knowledge especially for working in such a mining company. This learnership company was established in the middle of the eighteenth century. BHP Billiton Learnership and Career’s first operations were in a small island with the tin mining. From the first operation, they grew to become a great company in all over the world which has great strength within the most mining sectors well as the metals.

This company is a main fabricator for titanium, aluminum, nickel, steaming coal, and chrome. Nowadays, this company is known as a leader with the resilient foundation and the honored heritage. This aid in the uplifting multiple industries and communities, stabilizes the economics throughout the world for more than 150 years. Around the years, this company also has added the lead, iron, copper, gas, silver, and diamonds into the product ranges, and also to the variety of the other natural assets.

This BHP Billiton Learnership and Career Company features several possible career options. For you who are interested in having a career with this company, you may check some fields here or you may also check the other fields that have been included in this company’s website. The fields that you can choose are Communicating, Accounting, Analyst, Marketing, Rigger, Diesel Mechanics, Instrumentation Technicians, Geology, Environmental Science, Surveying, Auto Electricians, Fitter, Electricians, Boilermakers, Civil Engineering, Control System, Chemical Engineering, Supply Chain, Information Technology, and Human Resources.

BHP Billiton is a leading of global company with 128,800 contractors and employees working in 141 locations in across of 26 countries. This company’s strategy is to operate and own a large, low-cost, expandable, long-life, upstream assets that are diversified by the geography, market, and commodity. This company is offered to South Africa’s residents to provide the tertiary education support. For those of you who want see learnership:

BHP Billiton Learnership and Career is one of few mining companies in South Africa which has a huge contribution for the surrounding community in some ways. For the learnership, BHP Billiton provides many viable career positions for the suitable learners. However, it is important to pass the requirements which can become the measurement to determine that whether you are deserved for those positions. If you want to be a part of this company, there are many available majors that you can choose to create your bright future in doing your dream work.

There are some requirements that you usually find in this learnership program and should be fulfilled. First, you should have the South Africa citizenship with valid ID, you should have possession in the Matric together with Mathematics and Science, and you should be able to speak English fluently. Good in dealing with the deadline, have a good communication skill, have huge passion for learning something new, can do the multi-tasking job, and be able to do a job in team but also know to deal with the certain matters by themselves.

The application of BHP Billiton Learnership is made available in every year. All of the candidates can collect for more information that is regarding to the process which can be gotten in their website if you want to apply or you also can call the office in order to know more information about this company.

All of the candidates are be able to search under the Graduate Program, after that they can choose the current opportunities there. All of the candidates who have ambition, vision, and spunk in life would fit perfectly in this company. You can reach your bright futures successfully with this company if you really want to do. One thing that you should remember is that you should always to catch your dreams.

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