Bidvest Freight Forwarding Learnership Program

A brand new opportunity for freight forwarding learnership at Bidvest for applicants with potential is opened. That said, the chance is given for qualified applicants who recently finished their grade 12 qualifications that is no longer than 3 years. Only if you have the qualification and interest toward the learnership, get yourself familiar toward the recruitment process, it helps you to prepare yourself for the occasion. Now, the recruitment process will be like; (1) you need first to complete the application, and ensure that you have reference with you, (2) you give them proof that you have grade 12 qualification that is requested.

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Additionally, there will be also (3) screening and panel interview, (4) further assessment and interview, and (3) you will undergo criminal background clearance. Whether you are qualified or not  for freight forwarding learnership, Bidvest apart from your qualification, they will consider your performance as another consideration during the screening process to determine their final decision. But before that, ensure to apply the learnership online none later than the learnership deadline on June 9th 2016. After the screening, and you are considered as their successful learners, there are things that become your responsibilities before the learnership is started.

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Apply Online for the Bidvest: Freight Forwarding Learnership Programme

If you are considered as successful learners for freight forwarding learnership, you are obliged to sign legal contract. The first one is the legal contract that is signed by you as the receiver of the learnership, Bidvest as the one who employs you, and the last one is training provider. That first contract is known as the learnership agreement. The last one is known as fixed term employment contract that is signed only between you and Bidvest. In addition, within the learnership agreement, it displays both right and responsibilities of each of party that is engaged with contract that all of the participants have to obey.

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