Blood Blank Trainee/Qualified Technologist At SANBS

Expecting to know top to bottom related to routine testing functions that occurs in South Africa National Blood Service (SANBS) put into account blood bank trainee /qualified technologist, since this is your chance to make your dream comes true. Speak of chances that are offered by SANBS, this is only for those trainee technician, trainee technologist, and the last one is qualified technician. Let it alone, for each of potential applicants they are obliged to pass the minimum requirements before they have the opportunity to experience their duties in the Blood Bank.

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As previously mentioned the chances for blood bank trainee /qualified technologist, it is differed into some categories depend upon what kind of applicant you are; trainee technician, trainee technologist, or qualified technician. Trainee technician, if you want to apply for the opportunity that is offered, you have to hold grade 12 together with maths and another subject in science. Or else, something that is related to laboratory assistant learnersip. Whilst those who apply as trainee technologist, you should possess diploma within biomedical technology. Then, how about qualified technician applicants?


The least requirements for qualified technicians who are interested toward blood bank trainee/qualified technologist, they are; (1) HPCSA for registered medical technician or blood transfusion, (2) have experience that is requested by HPCSA in HPCSA registration in the role of medical technician blood for blood transfusion. Potential applicants can apply for the traineeship opportunity by preparing necessary information that is required online. Nevertheless, the chance to apply for the traineeship itself will be ended in end of this month, thus making sure that you apply for the position before its closing date, since lateness to apply for the traineeship will be not considered. Successfully win your position, you will deal with as follows; testing functions for compatibility, postnatal, preliminary for transfusion-reaction investigation, and many others.

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