Brandhouse Graduate Internship Program

What makes internship program great is that its applicants obtain work-based experience that make its applicants have better understanding toward the career path that they choose, not to mention they will gain another qualification in certain area that will bring advantage in job opportunity. That is why potential interns should apply for you Brandhouse graduate internship 2017, 2018 and 2019 if they want to enhance their skill in finance, supply chain management, commerce, and marketing, since those are the graduate internship programs that are offered by Brandhouse. How to apply? First thing’s first, choose what kind of graduate internship to apply to meet its qualifications.

Available Learnership

Next, pay attention toward the minimum requirements for Brandhouse graduate internship that include; (1) excellent in English, (2) you have right both to work and to live in South Africa, and (3) if requested, you are able to move to abroad or outside South Africa. Turn to this point, applicants who consider to apply Finance graduate internship, they need minimum average 70% (2.70 GPA) for Bachelor degree or Honours degree will be better in accounting or finance. Next is Marketing graduate internship, you have to hold Bachelor degree, but it will be more beneficial with Honours degree with minimum 2.70 GPA or average 70% in Marketing and its pertinent qualification.

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When it comes to supply chain management for Brandhouse graduate internship, applicants have the same requirements like above mentioned graduate internships,but in Brewing and distilling, logistics, supply chain, business management, science, and engineering. And the last one is Commerce graduate internship where potential applicants should provide Bachelor degree or Honours degree will be preferred with minimum average 70% or 2.70 GPA in Commercial or its relevant qualification. All of the graduate internship programs should be applied online none later than August 15th 2016. In addition, the internship is located in Gauteng.

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