CENFRI Learnership Internship Career Opportunity

The Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion or Cenfri is an independent and non-profit organization. It is located in Cape Town, South Africa. The aims of Cenfri are providing the development of the financial sector, improving the societal outcomes, and improving market development. Cenfri monitors the growth of markets, market capitals, cross-border flows, consumer behavior, the effect of new technologies on the financial condition, retail financial services, and collecting the new consumer data sources. In order to achieve the aims of this organization, they have one research group that is called Independent Research Objectives or IROs. The aim of this research group is to translate the mission of the organization to be a reality by using the research area. The research center also allows stakeholders to actively contribute to the research center. There are several research areas of the IROs such as Financial Inclusion Measurement, Client Insight, Risk, Remittance, Financial Integrity, and Innolab. Each research area has its own focuses. All of the research areas will gain the data and information that can be used for supporting the IROs. As a result, the Cenfri organization can achieve its aims. Since there are many research areas in Cenfri Organization, it opens the possibility to get a chance for working there. There are some job positions that can be applied by the job seeker to work and get Cenfri learnership career.

In order to give the chances for the people who want to work and contribute to the Cenfri, there are several job vacancies that are opened such as Cenfri Research Intern and Business Development Intern. Each position has its own requirements and job description. Therefore, understanding the detail of these job vacancies will help the people to get a higher possibility of being accepted in the Cenfri organization. For example, the Cenfri Research Intern has several job descriptions such as desktop-based research, copy-editing, and data analysis. In addition, the member of the research intern should be able to contribute the project outcomes, analyze the data by using critical analysis and write the report. That may also present the data and information into a clear and understandable format. This job is suitable for the people who are graduated from the Master’s degree in Economics and other related fields such as statistics, politics, finance, and law.

However, this job is also accessible by students who want to work while studying. There are several requirements that should be prepared by the applicants for this job such as having advanced English skills both in verbal and written. If the applicants can speak other languages such as Spanish, French, or Portuguese, they will get more advantages. The applicants must have good writing and presentation skills as well as operating the MS Office. They also need to show the interest of economic and financial development. The quantitative, analytical skills, and storing research interest should be possessed by the applicants. Being a part of the Cenfri Research Interns is a good step for achieving Cenfri learnership internship. If you want to see list of Cenfri job, in here: APPLY CENFRI

Another job vacancy of Cenfri learnership job is a Business Development Intern. This position has several job descriptions such as exploring the key insights of decision making, reporting the key activities of the organization, checking and reviewing the reference documents, scanning the information of the market and client, and coordinating the business pipeline information for the sake of management team.

There are several requirements that should be prepared such as having the master’s degree of Economic and related fields, able to speak the advanced English language, having the good and writing and presentation skills, entrepreneurial flair, good interpersonal skill to be a part of tea work and able to operate the MS office. In addition, the applicant should be able to show excellent analytical skills, interest in research about economic and financial development.


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