Chevron Vacation Program

Gaining experiences and more knowledge while you are still young is important to explore new things. There are many things you can consider having when it comes to your future planning. One thing you have to underline is about how you can get best experience for your life. As a student, experience in working in real life is important. Therefore, programs like Chevron Vacation Program is created in order to improve college students’ experience before they can really join in professional work life. This is one of the most prospecting programs that can be chosen by students to improve the key skills and their experiences. So, there is no hesitation for you.

Chevron Learnerships

This program is designed for you the university students in the 4th year of study. There are some positions you can apply for joining in Chevron. The positions are for the students of electrical engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering, which are suitable for the Chevron’s basic business. This Chevron Vacation Program is also available for students in 3rd year that will take place during Dec/Jan college break and the registration will be open in month of July 2016. Therefore, there is still a chance for you who cannot join this program in this period.

Apply Online for the Chevron Chemical Engineering

Apply Online for the Chevron  Electrical Engineering

Apply Online for the Chevron Mechanical Engineering

Apply Online for the Chevron Mechanical Engineering

The application should be done online. The program will be held in Milnerton where you will find many experiences there. Besides of that, there are so many chances and great things that will be suitable for you who want to improve your skill in your professional life. You will learn how the work life in Chevron really is and how you can explore your knowledge there. It really precious opportunity for you so you should not miss it. If you are interested with this Chevron Vacation Program, you can consider applying yourself to Chevron’s official website before the due date on 30 May 2016.

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