CIPLA Biotec Graduate Internship

Cipla currently invites talented youth of South African for their so-called CIPLA biotec graduate internship program, read on if you want to know further about the graduate internship. The graduate internship who is designed in six months will assist applicants to survive their transition phase, from students who mostly know about theoretical area than practical to effortlessly join the industry. Successful interns at Cipla graduate internship program, you will access understanding about high end manufacturing technology and manufacturing chain top to bottom. How to apply for the graduate internship? The graduate internship is given to two different applicants, University and Tecknikon applicants.

CIPLA Biotec Internship

Applying CIPLA biotec graduate internship program, if you are Tecknikon applicants, ensure that you; (1)  you hold Tecknikon qualification and have less than one year for work experience,or  you are students on final year who are in the middle completing national diploma or BTech majoring in either technical engineering or biotechnology, and (2) matric qualification or related to it. If you are University applicants, you can apply for the graduate internship program if, (1) you hold tertiary degree with minimum work experience in one  year, or you are final year students with qualifications in; BEng chemical engineering, BSc biotechnology and microbiology, BSc chemical engineering, and its relevant areas.

Apply online Cipla Tecknikon Application

Apply online University Application

Applicants who want to apply CIPLA biotec graduate internship program, keep in mind that you should apply online for the graduate internship and before its closing date on September 9th. Obviously, as successful applicants of the graduate internship, they are duties and responsibilities waiting for you that cover, mammalian cell culture, protein synthesis, commercial level bioreactors, upscaling process for about more than 2kl, engineering and utilities, validation and many more. The benefit of internship experience is great, since its successful applicants have many things to learn and not only limited to theoretical territory, but something practical as well.

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