Driver Code Learnership Vacancy Career Internship South Africa

Working as a driver requires strong physics and mental condition. As you probably know that the possibility to get an accident on the road is quite high than in other places. In addition, long working time can affect the physical condition of the driver. However, the driving job is also a promising job code driver 8, 10 and 14 due to the increasing of delivery service and the mobility of the people. There are many people who want to go to some other places but they don’t have a car or vehicle. Therefore, they need to hire the driver to help them on their trip. In addition, since people tend to shop online, they often order goods from other cities or countries. This condition can lead to increasing demand for the delivery service. Therefore, it’s surprising to see the increasing demand of the driver container. Therefore, the possibility to get a job as a driver is high. You can apply to several companies that open the job vacancies as the driver. It will be a good step to pursue the driver code learnership career.

As mentioned previously that there are several companies open the job vacancies as the driver code 14. If you live in South Africa, you can open from the several job seeker website that mainly posts about the job vacancies in South Africa. Choose the best offering of the driver code 8, 10 and 14. You may consider the employment status of the job, the location, the working time, the salary, and other benefits such as medical insurance and retirement insurance. After choosing the best offering, you can start to see the requirements of the job. Well, in order to increase the possibility to be accepted as driver code 14, you need to fulfill and pass all of the requirements and qualifications. Therefore, you need to prepare is as best as you can so that you can be accepted as the driver code 14.

One of the examples of the driver code learnership job is Container Code 8, 10 and 14 Drivers from the V & A Personal Company. Like its name, the main purpose of this job is to work as the driver for the container. There are several requirements that should be prepared for applying this job such as the applicant should be a South African. The range of eligible age is about 27 years to 45 years old. In addition, the applicant should be able to show the certificate of clearance of the criminal record. It will be better for the applicants who live within a 40 km radius of Germiston. The applicants also should be able to communicate in English, work overtime, and have knowledge about Gauteng areas and all container depots. One of the most important things is that the applicant should hold the 3 – 5 years’ experience of the goods container. If you want to see list of job driver code in here: APPLY CODE 10 and APPLY CODE 14

Another job of the driver code learnership internship is the driver for Soshanguve location. There are several requirements that should be prepared by the applicants such as having the experience as the driver code 14 for about 4 years or more, holding the matric certificate, and able to communicate in English both verbal and written. In addition, the applicants should prepare some required documents and send it to the HRD of the company.

The required documents are the most recent version of CV, copy of legal identification card, legal driver license with PDP or DGP, SARS Letter with Tax Number, Residence Permit, Matric Certificate, and Bank Confirmation Letter. Well, the applicants also should be agreed to do the criminal check during the selection process or after being accepted as the driver.


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