COEGA Learnership Career in South Africa, Internship Vacancy

Are you currently seeking for a job and living in South Africa? If the answer is yes, then maybe taking Coega learnership career is a good solution for you. The CDC or Coega Learnership Development Corporation is an enterprise owned by the government. This corporation is located in Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, while the operations are operating across South Africa. CDC is assigned to operate and develop the Coega SEZ or Special Economic Zone, which was created in 1999.

Up till now, this corporation Coega learnership opportunity has the responsibility to provide development and training, SMME development and support opportunities, and make employment, in order to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and unemployment within Eastern Cape, particularly in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. Thus, the vision of CDC is to become the main catalyst to support the growth of socio-economy within the target area. The mission of this corporation is to offer a competitive location for investment supported by business services, which enables the development of socio-economic condition effectively within the Eastern Cape in particular, and South Africa in general.

Since the establishment, this corporation coega learnership internship has become the most successful and developed SEZ in South Africa. It has also matured to be one among the largest drivers of job development and creation within Eastern Cape. The SEZ of Coega is divided into 14 different zones, with the several sectors, including maritime, energy, trade solutions, logistics, agro-processing, chemicals, BPO or Business Process Outsourcing, automotive, and metals, as their focus. Several Coega commercial services include conferencing and accommodation at VACC (Vulindlela, Accommodation, and Conference Center), ICT services by Coega Telecoms, consulting services, leisure and business travel-related solution, selection and recruitment, development and training, social facilitation, and development services for investors’ staff. If you want to see this LEARNERSHIPS: Coega Careers and Learnerships

The main concern of CDC is to enable sustainable development in socio-economic condition within South Africa through facilitating skills transfer, mentorship, SMME development, infrastructure development, and investment. The name Coega has the meaning of ‘ground water’, which was originated from Nguni word called Khoekhoen. The values held by this company will be explained on the list below: Sustainability: the company has a commitment to the planet and people as they are to profit. Their whole business model is established according to the ability to deliver strategic and sustainable business development to the targeted area for a long time. They are aware of the possible effects of development to the environment of Eastern Cape and the necessary efforts needed to enhance the lives of locals living within the region.

Service excellence: the company has a promise to always deliver. They are committed to provide their partners and investors with a top-class service 24/7. Partnership: the company understand that by working together, they can do even more. They have a long-term support from the Government of South Africa as to back them up, and their partners in service delivery, construction, and finance share the same commitment and passion as the company in order to succeed. Innovation: the company strive to leverage the growth of socio-economic condition and to look for alternative ways to improve their offering in strategic business development to investors. To become the growth catalyst of socio-economic condition in the targeted area, the company have to explore new thinking, ideas, and technologies.

Integrity: this company is operated according to global good business and governance principles. They have no tolerance for corruption and believe in transparency. Those are some information about Coega as a corporation to give you more insights about what you will do if you join the company.

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