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Finding a proper and suitable job become more and more difficult for many people due to the increasing number of productive people and the lack of job vacancies available around the world. Many of these people end up doing the work they are not passionate or not suitable with their competence in order to stay alive and feed their family. For those who are interested in providing help to these people so that they can earn more skills and knowledge to improve their quality as an individual and eventually increase their chance to get the job they want, you can join Guarantee Trust learnership career. Guarantee Trust provides various programs that focus mostly on the monitoring, placement, selection, and training, to Historically Disadvantages Individuals (HDI), undergraduates, matriculates, and graduates, making sure they are ready to face working environment.

Before, the programs provided by Guarantee Trust, together with Fasset, only focused on accountant profession, which provide overall funding and guidance. But as the corporate grew, they eventually provided programs that focused on banking and microfinance, together with BANKSETA. Nowadays, Guarantee Trust learnership career has several training academies in Nelspruit, Bloemfontein, Plokwane, Mahikeng, Durban, Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth, and Midrand with more than 150 employees. However, this corporate was originally represented in Kyalami. Alan Murray and Kevin Wakely-Smith, the founders of this company, are experts in personnel assessing and management consulting, and financial services respectively.

Murray handled the process of selection while the contract handling was under Wakely-Smith responsibility. In 2003, Wakely-Smith signed a contract with Fasset, which allowed him to begin the training, placement, and selection of 20 graduates in PDI commerce major within Gauteng area, who were unemployed, into the accountant profession. The training programs were successful. Thus, Murray, Wakely-Smith, and Fasset decided to expand its positivity rapidly. The employment rate of the participants was around 90 percent, which was relatively high compared to other similar organizations. For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIP: Guarantee Trust Career Information

Generally, there are two different learning approach used by people nowadays. Guarantee Trust learnership career uses an approach that focus more on understanding, both the knowledge and the application. There are two main foundation of this approach. The first one is 100 percent understanding of everything all the time, and the second one is real-work simulation. This company uses the system of study courses and simulation to achieve a better understanding in knowledge and its application. It will surely help the learners to reach to the standard provided by companies on their employees.

The traditional approach, which most participants used during their early days, focus more on the success of examination. Materials memorization is probably enough to make you pass the exam, but it is not enough to make you fully understand of the knowledge. There are times when the studied materials are not really related to the application and full understanding of a particular knowledge. Guarantee Trust offers customized training based on internal materials of certain workplaces and the team will deliver and align the training materials to match their training methodology.

These materials are created according to the outcomes related to the activities of the workplace. For practical workshops, the materials can be customized according to the subjects that should be covered in certain period of time. Every success earned by the training, whether it is conducted online, as workshop, in their academies, or on site, heavily depends on the training materials.

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