Correctional Services Learnership Vacancies South Africa

Correctional Services Learnership Vacancy may not sound like a fancy thing to do. They are essentially jobs offered by the Department of Correctional Services, which means practically you will be working at a prison somewhere. But this would be a perfect opportunity for you to grab if you are the type who find it interesting to assist the government with putting felons and criminals in check. With many prisons needing valuable resources to keep up with crime rates and whatnot, highly professional individuals with capability of working together with other fellow workers are on demand. You can even browse for some videos online to get to hear everyone’s reason on why they choose to work for the Department of Correctional Service or DCS. Perhaps, they could be a source of inspiration for you to help yourself decide on this subject. Every country across the globe owns its Department of Correctional Services.

About Department of Correctional Services

This would translate into each country having its own prison to manage. A country might own more than one type of prison’s there are prisons for juvenile delinquencies or perhaps even one for individuals involved with drugs and illegal narcotics. As such, each country has its own set of rules to follow when it comes to accepting new workers or staff. One thing remains the same, though: Everyone applying for a job at the Department must be a legal citizen of a country. You would not expect an expat applying for such a job, would you? And as each country has its own specific department to handle correctional services, there is a variety of job vacancies available and they might be different in their names but in essence they would still be the same thing anyway.

How to Apply Correctional Services Learnership

To apply for a position as a correctional services learnership opportunity officer, you would have to have graduated from a standard high school or its equivalent. You would also need to qualify for carrying and using weapons and must be at least 18 years old when you first apply for the job. An investigation would be conducted to find out whether or not you have a good moral character. You would also have to disclose a full criminal history and agree to present records relating to criminal history’s if any. Your fingerprint would be sampled and you must agree to this procedure as well. And then there is the matter of physical and psychological evaluation that you must pass. For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIP: Apply DCS Learnership

About Department of Correctional Learnership

For a position of an administrative specialist, your tasks would involve things behind the desk. You will be working as a receptionist of the warden’s area and a switchboard operator. You would have to prepare correspondence for the warden and other personnel, such as documents, memorandums, and letters. You will also deal with preparing reports and maintaining administrative logs. Another task you will have to tackle is related to mails, either incoming or outgoing. This includes retrieval, processing, and distribution of those mails in question. There might be basic training held to educate you before your placement.

There would also a position as a manager of facility programs and services available. This job can be found in a juvenile correctional services learnership facility. Your task would involve ensuring that the facility’s rehabilitative strategies and plans can be delivered in the most correct manner. You would be the one coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating activities of treatment program and the operation of the dorm. To be eligible to apply for this position, you need to own a Bachelor’s Degree on criminal justice, public administration, business administration, social science, behavioral science, or other related fields and at least five years of experience working in similar field.

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