CSIR Smart System Learnership Vacancies Program

Work-based experience and some theoretical aspects make internship program turns into something essential as its successful applicants will be exposed with the things that are very pivotal for skill development. Compared to those who join and not join an internship program, the one that spend some time for internship program, they have better chance for employment opportunity. The reason is simple, they have experience, so then they already have something in mind for the training program that they had previously. CSIR Smart System internship provides a typical chance for potential applicants that expect to know more about command and control technology, in common, starting from basic information system to something more advanced.

CSIR Learnerships

Have interest in CSIR Smart System internship, here are the requirements to conquer before claiming the position for the internship, (1) you should have degree in Bachelor of Science for computer science, (2) or else a degree in Bachelor of Engineering for computer engineering, (3) excellent communication skills in writing and speaking, (4) capability to be a team player, but also can work individually, (5) able to work in a under pressure environment, and (6) you are self-motivated individual with innovative idea which you can use to deal with any issue that may occurs during the training program.


You’re matched with the criteria above, the opportunity to apply CSIR Smart Systems internship is there for you. In addition, the application should be done online, and make a note that you upload your information none later that the closing of the internship is coming soon. Within the training program, you have duties and responsibilities to do the following; software development, software for testing and evaluation, deployment and use for certain software, undergo research and development that are requested by the official, and many others. Not to mention, successfully join the internship, you are equipped with on-the-job experience in software design, test, implementation, and so on.

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