Cummin Graduate Internship Program

The chance to apply Cummins graduate internship program may be there for you, so why don’t you take the chance? Three graduate internship categories that are available. First, Marketing, Sales and Communications. Applying to this, you need to hold Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/Business Administrator/Strategy, and mechanical engineering in case that you want to apply Sales graduate internship program. Second, Sales Engineering, where you need to posses, Masters or Bachelor’s degree in either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. Third, Finance, for this graduate internship opportunity, be sure you have degree in Financial, such as, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting or related field of study.

Cummin Learnerships

Cummins graduate internship requests its qualified applicants to have capability to; (1) learn, then analyze, so then they have understanding toward both the technical process and the business that is related to the graduate internship, (2) solve problem that may happen, and also hold analytical skill to notice another possible problem that may come, (3) strong communication skills within all of its aspects such as, written and verbal. In addition, make certain that you can communicate effectively to organization regardless of its levels, and (4) capable to work in team, also have no problem dealing with multi-tasking jobs.

Apply Online Sales, Marketing and Communications Graduate / Internship

Apply Online Sales Engineering Graduate / Internship

Apply Online Finance Graduate / Internship

Have no problem with the requirements, and you are agree with the addition competencies that are requested, apply online for Cummins graduate internship. For each graduate internship program they have their own specific link. To ease you understand more toward internship from Cummins, source more information to the official site. in fact, there is nothing like closing date mentioned for this graduate internship. About this, you can also check to its official site. Nevertheless, graduate internship program exposes its successful applicants to have better insight for the industry, which means good chance for skill development and their success when it comes to career opportunity.

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