Department Of Labour Learnership Vacancies Program In South Africa

Department of labor learnership vacancies program is a training program available at dept of labour as part  of National Skill Development program. The dept of labour usually collaborate with particular company in providing the learnership program. The mission of the learnership program not only to give assistance for talented individual to pursue their desired future career inline to the learnership, but also to cater equal opportunity to any graduates who are eligible for the learnership.

Per year department of labor learnership vacancies program is offered for applicants with keen interest toward these follow career path, nursing, education, legal secretary, supply chain management, human resources, commerce law, chartered accountancy, management, and more. Joining the learnership program there are requirements and also another information that is necessary such as closing date and more, to claim your position for the learnership program. Only if you are accepted for the learnership opportunity, you are obliged to sign the learnership contract.

The mission of department of labor learnership vacancies is to provide skilled individuals to fulfill the workforce demand. During the learnership program, successful learners will learn skill through well-planned training program which includes classroom session and on-the-job training. In short, the prospective learners will be exposed will the real circumstance of workplace.

As for the result, it will give positive impact toward skill development that is necessary to apply formal sector,  employment growth, social and small business developments. See? There are many benefits from department of labour learnership vacancies program. So yes, if there is chance for you to apply the learnership opportunity make sure to apply as it will help you to build strong foundation of skill to join the workforce.

You know that within the learnership program you will get both theoretical and practical training, for that reason alone, department of labour leanership vacancies is your great opportunity as the learnership will help you in many ways to be more marketable for the needy workforce. If you are agree, these are requirements to meet:

You only can apply the learnership program if you are South African citizen whose ages are16 to 35 years old and unemployed, Able to speak, write, and read English effortlessly, Sound communication skill and computer skill, Team player and self-driven individual and Excellent in time management, problem solving and many more.

Though, it may be different depending upon per year announcement of the learnership program, be sure that you know, the learnership program is designed specially for talented and suitable applicants to improve their skill related to the learnership. Which means anyone who meet the requirements can apply. Even so the application is restricted for those with prior learnership experience from government department. For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIP: Apply Dept of Labour

Still about the application for department of labour learnerships vacancies, when applying the learnership, you need to download and complete a Z83 application form properly, too, the additional documents required by the learnership program. Depending on where you apply the learnership program at dept of labour, the closing date will be not the same. After your application is accepted the learnership provider will screen your application to check whether you are qualified for the learnership or not. Bear in mind that only successful applicants will be contacted.

Say if you are not getting anything in two months after the closing date it means your application is not successful. Even so, it won’t be a matter if you can provide anything that is needed for the learnership, and again considering the good things that you will get during the learnership program,  you should apply this one. Where to apply? You can go to the website to apply the learnership program available at dept of labour.

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