Dept Of Rural Development And Land Reform Graduate Internship Program

Opportunity for unemployed graduate of South Africa to participate in department of rural development and land reform graduate internship that is recently opened. The graduate and internship program is available in some categories. Get your chance for the graduate internship, first, you should be qualified applicants whose age are around 18 to 35 years old. Second, you should never apply another graduate internship program that is designed by government department. Third, you are able to attend the graduate internship program on June 1st 2016 to 31st 2017. In addition, applicants with disabilities that meet the requirements that are requested have chance for the training program.

Dept of Rural Development Learnerships

Dept of rural and development and land reform graduate internship opportunity will grant successful applicants monthly allowance during the graduate internship that is lasted for 12 months. About the graduate internship program, they are; employee health and wellness, safety and security, labor relations, knowledge & information management, human resource development, even management and communications, and many others. Note, the graduate internship program that available is spread all around  South Africa, such as, Western Cape, National Office, Limpopo, and many others. To submit your application for the training program, you can hand deliver or post it– based on your preference graduate internship program and the location of the internship.

You need form Z83 for dept of rural and land reform graduate internship program. Make sure that you tag along your identity document and your your qualification (certified copy). Too, you need to attach your curriculum vitae. If you don’t know, the form Z83, it is accessible through any public service department. Within your application, don’t forget to write down the reference number of the graduate internship program that you expect to join. Now, the application can be sent until its deadline on May 9th 2016. Any lateness for the submission will be not considered.

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