DLCA Graduate Internship Program

Giving potential applicants in South Africa more chance to win DLCA graduate internship program, DLCA offers some numbers graduate internship opportunities for qualified unemployed graduates to be more presentable once they complete the training program to achieve their future career. About the graduate internship, they are; financial management (BCom), supply chain management (BTech/Diploma/B Degree within supply chain management), information technology (B Degree for information systems), internal audit and governance (B Degree either in internal audit or accounting), marketing and communications (B Degree in Marketing), research and quality ( B Degree in pertinent areas), risk management (B Degree in business guides/risk), and human resources management (B Degree in HRM/something relevant).

Sasol Learnerships

If you have the qualification that is asked by each of DLCA graduate internship opportunity that you want to apply, find your way to apply for the graduate internship by submitting your application to, Driving License Card Account/P.O. Box 25223/Monument Park/0105. Another way to send your application, then you can hand deliver it by bringing the application to, 459B Tsitsa Street/Erasmuskloof/Pretoria/0048, before the closing date of the graduate internship on April 1st 2016. Prior sending your application, you need to attach covering letter, reference, a well structured curriculum vitae, identity document, and qualifications.

For the curriculum vitae, in case that you have work experience related to DLCA graduate internship program that you apply, ensure that you put clear information about it, such as, the dates and where it is conducted. In addition, the official will limit their correspondence only for those that are considered as shortlisted applicants. Therefore if you are not received any contact from the official in 3 months from the closing date, you better accept that your application can’t make it this time. Suitable applicants for graduate internship program that found themselves need for further information about the training program, you can directly deliver it to, 012 347 2522 (MS Shoneez Abader).

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