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Are studying engineering and looking a full time financial aid? Engineering bursary scholarship from GIBB is your answer. However, it is not the only thing, successful bursars will obtain chance for employment opportunity given by GIBB. However, have access toward the bursary scholarship opportunity that is offered, it means students should meet the bursary requirements which are; (1) a South Africa citizen with a valid identity document, (2) students should be aimed for Masters, Honours, or Engineering degree with specification in rail and roads, electrical, and civil, and (3) pass the first year with sound academic performance.

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Additionally, the chance for engineering bursary scholarship program is opened to, (1) second and third year students in university, either for Honours or Masters with mentioned degree, you need to keep average 60% during your study, and (2) second and third year students in university that aim for Masters or Honours, National Senior Certificate or related to it, you can apply for the bursary.  Other things, ensure that you tag along another documents when applying the bursary scholarship like complete academic record, matric certificate, curriculum vitae, and identity document. Finish with the preparation, submit your application online none later than the closing date of the bursary that is on August 31st 2016.

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Students who successfully win GIBB engineering bursary scholarship program, they have access toward vacation employment, accommodation (where applicable), travel costs (where applicable), book and stationary, and tuition fees at any universities which are shattered around South Africa. In addition, at the time GIBB, which is the official of the bursary consider your application as successful, you are obliged to sign contract that is separated to; employment that is offered in entire GIBB office that is available in South Africa, and (2) vacation work that is also available in any GIBB office that is spread around South Africa.

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