ERWAT Learnership Internship Vacancy Program Open

Do you ever hear about Wastewater treatment? Well, wastewater treatment is an important thing in every country. This place is used to treat the wastewater so that the wastewater can be less harmful and used for other things. Ekurhuleni Water Care Company (ERWAT) is one of the biggest companies in South Africa that works in waste and wastewater management. It’s an original South African company. The goal of this company is to provide proper water care and source recovery for the benefit of mankind. There are several strategic focuses of the ERWAT Company such as utilizing the high technology to create the best wastewater treatment in the suitable geographical location, developing and providing the affordable and sustainable wastewater service by using the scientific and effective practice in the organization, developing and discovering the cost-effective energy-saving method, and creating the competition between shareholders and stakeholders. Well, considering the wide scope of the ERWAT Company works, the people who are working in the ERWAT company have the possibility to get high ERWAT learnership career.

Since ERWAT Company is one of the biggest waste and wastewater management, it has a lot of the wastewater station. Recently, the ERWAT Company has accomplished about 19 wastewater treatment works (WWTW). Those wastewater treatment works can be used for treating almost 700 megaliters and 1000 megaliters of wastewater per day. However, the number may change due to the changing of the season. In addition, this company also provides safe and harmless wastewater after processing with several steps. The wastewater will be treated via activated sludge process, removal of the biological nutrient, and biological filtration processes in order to do the high-quality and hygienic the purification of wastewater. In addition, the wastewater works are also designed with a specific flow rate of about 0.4 Ml/d to 170 Ml/d. The flow rate depends on the changing of the weather.

As the biggest company, ERWAT also follows the approach of the business-oriented in their wastewater management. The client will be offered solutions based on their needs. Sometimes, the solution is from the technical to management aspects. The custodians of the ERWAT Company are located in several places. The DD3 is located in the upper regions of the Crodile River. The DD5 is located in the Blesbokspruit, and the DD6 is located in Rietspruit. Considering the wide scope of works and the number of custodians, having ERWAT learnership internship is a promising job for the people around it. If you want to apply this vacancy: APPLY ERWAT

Nowadays, ERWAT Company is working with almost 8000 industries. There are more than 3.5 million people who are working in this company. In addition, it also works to manage almost 1000 Megaliters of wastewater. If you want to know the detail and the job vacancies of ERWAT learnership vacancy, you can go to their website directly. This website contains the vacancies that can be applied by the people. If you want to apply for the vacancies, you may need to prepare yourself and the requirement. The ERWAT Company requires hard skills, soft skills, and suitable educational background. For example, this company needs an in-service trainee. The minimum requirement of the educational background of this company is the Analytical Chemistry National Diploma Qualification.

This company also needs soft skills such as dynamic, self-motivated individual, high responsibility, honest, hardworking, adaptable, and trustworthy. If you are interested to apply for this position, you need to create the Curriculum Vitae (CV) and send it to the institution. If you have any questions, you can ask the staff for further information. If you are accepted as the worker of the ERWAT Company, you will get the stipend every month.

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