ESKOM Learnership Internship Vacancy Electric Engineering Program

Eskom is a leading company in energy that concerns about talented youth South African who look for better chance for job opportunity through learnership opportunity. Eskom learnership internship is varied, though, they will update or renew the learnership program that they design, but the chance to win the position within the learnership is only destined for those who really are talented. In fact, the learnership opportunity that is offered inline with national skill development that becomes government policy to create skill. Not only provide benefit to learners, the fact is, the learnership opportunity brings advantage to Eskom, since they can directly recruit applicants with a lot potentials as part of the team. That said, Eskom put more their preference toward strong academic result than anything else. Not to say that wrong, however, in some degree soft skill will add benefit to undergo key responsibilities during the learnership.

Obviously, learners will gain a lot benefits through Eskom learnership career. Since, Eskom will consider their learnership as their way to recruit talented youth of South African, it means you have chance for permanent employment with Eskom. Indeed, not all of their learnership will guarantee the availability of job opportunity, but the chance is there. The learnership at Eskom allows its learners to experience theoretical and practical knowledge related to fitting and turning, control and instrumentation, mechanical, electrical, wielding, and some other more.

Internship x 20 Telecomms (Transmission Division)

In short, learnership opportunity equips its learners with anything that is necessary, therefore, they have no problem to deal with the real situation of work environment. In the case that they have no chance to work with Eskom, as they have in depth understanding for the job, thanks to work based training, there is nothing like significant issue to conquer the challenge outside and compete with other applicants. If you want to see all list Eskom job open in here: APPLY ESKOM

CLOSING DATE: 18 June 2021

Applying for Eskom learnership vacancy, first thing’s first, you have to meet the requirements of the learnership. Further information, you can find them through Eskom official website, nevertheless, usually, the requirements include, grade 10 to grade 12 qualification with addition of science, maths, and English. Sometimes it includes N3 to N4 qualification or relevant qualification depends upon the learnership that you apply. Next, you should be talented applicants with South  Africa citizenship.

Understand key responsibilities, such as; emotional resilience, safety awareness, team player, familiar with technical concept, and more, it helps you when applying the learnership opportunity. Once you have all the things prepared, the application can be submitted online through their site, or else, you can directly send the application or post it. In fact, different learnerships require different treatment. But rest assured, since it will be informed through its adverts.

Keep in mind that closing date play pivotal role when applying learnership at Eskom, since late application will be not considered. Sometimes the advert will provide special contact number or email address for inquiries. If necessary, it is very recommended for learnership applicants to take benefit of it, in case they have things to ask, that is related to the application. If it is not, spare your time by visiting site.


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