Eskom Learnerships Opportunities

Eskom graduate internship opens opportunity for aspiring unemployed graduates to join Eskom learnerships opportunities. There are various numbers of graduate internship programs that are offered for various locations. Are you ready to embrace the chance? The graduate internship programs to apply are; turbo gen services, supply chain management, finance and governance, strategic enablement, risk and resilience, logistic services (with two options), and the last but not the least thing is, bulk material services and construction services. To win the opportunity for the graduate internship, make sure that you have national diploma, degree or BCom as your qualifications based on what is requested.

Eskom Learnerships

However, it is not enough. Eskom learnerships opportunities program demands you to match these mentioned competencies, which are; excellent skills for leadership, reliable skills to solve problem, computer skills that include both Ms Words and Excel. Personal attribution, such as, forward thinker, creative, high adaptability toward new environment, have integrity and commitment, strong communication skills, and capability to deal with under pressure work environment will lead for better chance to gain your position within graduate internship program at Eskom.

Eskom Graduate / Internship Programme

The application for Eskom learnerships opportunities program only can be access online through the official website. About the application you should apply online, it will be considered if (1) you submit your application completely and properly, and (2) you send the application before its closing date. Bear in mind that any lateness for sending the application will be discouraged. Hence, you better prepare yourself for the requirements and any necessary things that will help you to win the opportunity for the graduate internship that is offered. Internship program is essential to enhance your chance for career opportunity. Within the program, you have chance to experience work environment and deal with common circumstance that you will face once you enter your chosen career.

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