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Students who aim to join hospitality industry, and look for some way to finance your education, FEDHASA Cape Youth bursary is a huge help. As leading company in hospitality industry, in the way to stay strong in the industry, it should be supported by skillful human resources, which becomes the reason why FEDHASA proposes the bursary. In order to secure the bursary that is worth R50 000, ensure that you are enrolled into one of higher institution that becomes member FEDHASA Cape, and the rest will be technical requirements to meet to win the bursary opportunity.

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Nevertheless, you are students who expect FEDHASA Cape Youth bursary, please note the following; (1) ensure that you display a huge passion toward hospitality industry, since it will be useless if you don’t, (2) strong academic record, (3) a current second year student/students that currently finish their second year/student who already in their final year, (4) a citizen of South Africa,  and (5) make sure that you prepare requested documents, such as, letter of recommendation (from teacher or lecturer), evidence about financial restraint, curriculum vitae (copy), and application form. The chance for the bursary will be closed on August 31st 2016. Only if you want to know further about the application, students can check them at FEDHASA Website.

Students can also find the information about how to apply FEDHASA Cape Youth bursary by dialing 012 552 9870 or another you can deliver it via fedhasacape@fedhasa.co.za (Rema Wiese).   A bursary by FEDHASA requires conditions that include, (1) FEDHASA is able to ask for the refund of the fee for the bursary from the institution, in the case the respective students for the bursary can’t complete the bursary. The refund, however, will be given to another candidate, (2) to check students performances, the college should report the progress of each bursar, and many others.

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