FIREFIGHTER Learnership Internship Job Traineeship

Sasol in a company that focuses on the development of chemicals and energy. There are several branches of Sasol Company that are located in 32 countries. One of them is located in South Africa. The number of employees at Sasol is about 31.270 people. Since Sasol focuses on the development of technology related to chemical and energy, they are trying to make it happen by providing the world scale facilities and technologies. The main goal is to produce high-quality chemicals and energy such as chemical substances, low-carbon electricity, and liquid fuels. Nowadays, Sasol Company consists of two business units, three regional operating hubs, and four customer-facing strategic business unit. In addition, Sasol also belongs to one of the largest company that is supported by the large capital, high skill, and rapid development of technical research. Sasol firefighter learnership vacancy company is listed on the JSE in South Africa. In order to support the quality of the Sasol, this company also concern about the safety and health of the employee. They concern about how to create a working environment that is zero harm, minimal risk, and zero incidents. In order to create a high safety level of the Company, they conduct several pieces of training for the employee such as risk management, incident investigation, and behavioral science.

They conduct the SASOL SHE Excellence approach that wants to create zero harm in the working place. Regarding the scale of the company and their concern, there are some chances for the people to get jobs. One of the possible jobs that are impossible is a firefighter. As mentioned previously that the Sasol Company really concerns about the safety level in the working place. Since Sasol is working in chemical substances, the possibility of fire accidents is high. In order to prevent the fire accident, the Sasol Company also provide the job for a firefighter. Well, this job is a good chance for the people to pursue the firefighter learnership career.

Fire Fighter Learnership Opportunity At COCT

The firefighting activity in Sasol is needed to prevent and minimalize the effect of the accidents in the company. If you are interested to get this job, you can apply by sending your documents to the Sasol Company. However, to increase the possibility of acceptance in Sasol, you may need to prepare the requirements and qualifications of the company. The applicant should be at least in grade 12. If you are in the lower grade, you may not be accepted. In addition, the applicant should be fit for doing the firefighter activity medically. You can check your medical condition and send the letter of the medical condition as a part of the requirements. If you want to see list of firefighter in here: APPLY FIREFIGHTER

CLOSING DATE: 24 September 2021

The company may conduct several tests to evaluate the capacity of the applicant related to the medical condition. The applicant also must have good communication skills, partnerships, and networking since the firefighter will work in teamwork. They also need to have a good management conflict since there will be a lot of problems during working. The applicant also needs to have the knowledge of relevant legislation, company codes, standard and procedures of working. Those requirements should be prepared for pursuing the Firefighter learnership job.

The firefighter in the Sasol Company also should be able to have good personal attributes. They have required some good behavior such as team player, good listening skills, time management skills, professionalism, self-discipline, strong interpersonal skills, and cooperativeness. If you have the required specification, you can apply for the job online from the Company websites. However, after you get accepted into the company, you need to prepare yourself to work as best as you can. You don’t need to worry about that since the company will give the employee training. So, you can reach high firefighter learnership internship.


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