FOSCHINI Learnership Internship Vacancy: Store Jobs

Foschini, which is headquartered in Parow, Cape Town, has been known so well as one of the best retail clothing companies in South Africa. This wonderful shop can really catch the attention of the people as it get more and more improved so well since the first day it was founded in 1925. In the other words, it can really suit the styles and the tastes of the customers in this modern era so well. So then, it is actually no wonder if this company has become a big player in the South African retail clothing industry, and also expanded in some other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia. Then, based on this specific fact, it is so obvious that it will be an impressive mark in your live if you can build Foschini Learnership Careers mainly if you are so interested in fashion world. Well, it always gives so many opportunities to anybody who has the talents and skills to take a part and show the innovative thoughts and creations that they have. Not only that, it will definitely make you get some splendid advantages that you like so much when you build your career at Foschini. Fortunately, you can check those advantages out when you keep reading the following. The first of many advantages that Foschini can offer to you is the numerous opportunities as there are so many job vacancies that you can pursue. Some of them will fit some sectors such as design, production, logistics and supply chains, financing, administration, and so many more still. Besides, the cool thing about this company is that it has been supported by so various clothing brands which each of them will show you the different and distinctive impression. Nonetheless, it is so much necessary for you to select one position of them that you are so interested in. 

After that, you have to make sure that you also select the type of the workplace that you want, which can be like store, distribution center, head office, regional office, and so on. In addition, you have to remember that the recruitment system will make you have to be ready to compete with the other talented and experienced candidates out there. By doing all of those things, hopefully, you will be able to have the better chance to pursue your career at Foschini.


The Excellent Training Programs for the Youth. Moreover, Foschini also make training programs for the youth that really want to dedicate themselves in the dynamic fashion industry. This company will do its best to prepare all of the youngsters through the excellent drills. One of them that will excite the young people so much is the TFG Graduate Program that is emphasized on developing the leadership of the potential young people by training interventions, business exposure, internships, learnerships, Vac Work, and etc. So then, they will realize the real strengths to get the opportunity for a bright career in the retail. Thus, in the end of the day, they can be good leaders of the organizations in the future.

The Healthy Funds. The second awesome advantage that you will earn when you build your career at Foschini is its nice healthy funds. In this case, you will find that this retail company does really care about the health of its employees. It can be proven as it has so many health based programs which one of them is TGF Medical Aid. This particular program will be focused on giving subsidy to the employees up to 50% towards TFG Health or TFG Health Plus. So then, you do not have to worry about any expense that you have to pay because of the medical treatments that you take. The company will help you as well as possible by covering some of the medical treatment costs for you. Aside of that, there is also the Admed Program that will avoid you from any shortfalls or medical gaps for sure. So, it means that all of the workers of the company have the same right to get the suitable good medical treatments that they deserve.

The Employee Wellness Helpline. Furthermore, Employee Wellness Helpline is always available for you who have some problems that can affect your good performance at the workplace. Actually, you just need to call the line in order to get a confidential and caring consultation session with the trusted experts. By doing so, you will hopefully be free from the stressful burdens that bother your mind, and also get the right solution to solve your problem. Then, you will be able to show your peak performance and achieve the notable accomplishments that exceed the targets set by the company so optimally.

The Special Gifts. Next, Foschini Learnership Opportunity will give you some special gifts which allow you to take some days off especially if you have the most important moments in your life, such as wedding, maternity, study, and many more. So, you can really ensure that you can prepare yourself for the moments as well as possible without worrying a thing about your jobs. It is clear because this company will always be there to support you no matter what.

Foschini Store Manager Job

The Other Leave Categories. Additionally, just for your information, you can have the other leave categories still which are family responsibility, parental leave and adoption, well-being leave, long service leave, sport leave, and many others. All of those things can be the fabulous signs that Foschini will always try to keep its employees get something that they really need to life the more balanced and healthier lifestyle. You can apply in here: APPLY FOSCHINI

CLOSING DATE: 28 February 2021

The Conclusion. After putting it all together, those are some of the splendid advantages that you can gain when you work for Foschini. All of them are the worthy conveniences that will match your dedication to give the positive impacts once you have joined the company. So, let’s give yourself a try and show your talents and skills in fashion. Thus, that is why it is so much recommended for you to build Foschini Learnership Career by visiting the link below.

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