Free Business Incubator Training Program At Awethu

The youth of South African who have a big dream to have their own small business, Awethu free business incubator training will help them to prepare what is necessary to build a solid business, since business regardless of its size needs solid foundation, so then it can expand and grow. Are you young and talented entrepreneurs who reside in Johannesburg? You better grab this chance as you will get exposed with anything that help you to make a successful business. Obviously, there are requirements that factor, therefore you can join this free training program.

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Considering to participate in free business incubator training at Awethu, applicants should be; (1) an individual who aims to run his own small business, but still have no clue how to build that small business, (2) an individual who has creative idea about certain business that he has, but don’t know how to start, and (3) an individual who already has his own small business and look for some fresh ideas or support to grow. Note, before applying for this free training program, ensure that you can afford to attend mentorship and meetings that are held weekly.


Free business incubator training at Awethu gives about 500 talented entrepreneurs to be part of the training program where they will obtain (1) a-five-month training program that put its focus on how to grow and to formalize a small business while building your own asset, (2) real-life based training program that helps applicants to know further about the possibilities and challenge for their small business, and also advise from those with expertise, (3) work in group with people that have same business as you and also related network, and more. This is a free training program that is worth R 45 000, interest applicant can register and apply for the free training program online.

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