Free Digital Skill Training At Fact Foundry

Fact Foundry in collaboration with Google Launches OneAfrica.Online, provides talented youth of South African digital skill training at Fact Foundry for applicants who want to improve their skill in digital world, and it is free. The mission for this skill training is that to increase the awareness of South African young generation about digital world and the opportunities that lie ahead. Together with Google Launches OneAfrica.Online, Fact Foundry hopes that there is not only young entrepreneurs, but also career opportunity that is increased. The digital training will be conducted half day, in addition, the location is spread around 9 provinces excluding Johannesburg and Cape Town Metros.

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Digital skill training at Fact Foundry

Joining digital skill training at Fact Foundry for 2017, 2018 & 2019, aside from being citizen of South African, at the time you applying for the training program you should be around 18 to 35 years old that will be split with several categories; (1) higher institution students, (2) NEETS, (3) leavers from secondary institution, (4) students from vocational and technical institution, and (5) young entrepreneurs of micro and small business are allowed to apply. Interested applicants should know that the training program is only available during August to September, therefore ensure to take benefits from it.

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Making it easier to embrace youth of South African to join digital skill training, Fact Foundry offers partnership to higher institution, vocational and technical institutions, NGO, and secondary institution. Nevertheless, due to the completion, applicants will gain digital Google certificate, with the addition of basic digital skill. No closing date available for this digital training. Even so, serious applicants who want to know further about the training program ensure to deliver your inquiries to, or This is a great opportunity to learn more about digital skill, moreover for those applicants who hold huge interest or who want to build career in digital economy territory. Grab your chance now, before it is too late for you to apply Fact Foundry digital training.

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