Gauteng Dept Of Roads And Transport Graduate Internship Program

Opportunity for gauteng dept of roads and transport internship is now opened. The chance is given by Gauteng department of roads and transports for qualified applicants who are; (1) age around 18 to 35 years old, (2) South Africa citizen, (3) graduated from either Universities of Technology or Universities, (4) you never have experience for graduate internship programme beforehand. Nevertheless, the graduate internship opportunities that are given include; Public Administration (DRT/HRD/01), Transport Economics (DRT/HRD/02), Town and Regional Planning (DRT/HRD/03), Civil Engineering (DRT/HRD/04), Land Surveying (DRT/HRD/05), Licensing (DRT/HRD/06), Legal and Contract Management (DRT/HRD/07), and many others.

Dept of Roads and Transport Learnership

Obviously, different gauteng dept of roads and transport internship that you apply, the qualifications’ followed. Further information about the training programme, you can send your direct questions through 011 355 7557 (Mr. Andrew Sennwamadi) or another one, 011 355 7564 (Mr Solomon Maphangule). You have interest to apply, aside from additional documents, which are; comprehensive curriculum vitae, certified copy of your ID, and certificate copies for qualifications certificates that are requested depend upon the graduate internship programme that you apply, you need a form Z83 which you can find from any public services departments near you. The application should be sent before its deadline on May 20th 2016 to below mentioned address.

The application for gauteng dept of roads and transport internship, you can submit it to, The Gauteng Province Dept Of Roads and Transport/Directorate:Human Resource Development Ground Floor/41 Simmonds Street/Sage Life Building/Marshaltown/Johannesburg/2001. Bear in mind, in your application you need to put the reference number based on the graduate internship position that you apply. In addition, graduate internship from Gauteng government gives chance for people with disabilities to take part for the graduate internship. You need to wait until one month started from the deadline of the training programme, only if you get correspondence from the official, it means, your application is successful and vice versa as the correspondence only for shortlisted applicants.

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