General Electric (GE) Engineering Learnership and Career

Accelerating your knowledge within engineering and its application,  General Electric Engineering Learnership and Career is what you need for many benefits that you’ll obtain as their interns. Through a-two-year program,each of successful interns will deal with intensive training program for skill development. Not to mention, potential interns will receive both business and technical foundation to survive within the industry. Obviously, there are duties and responsibilities to perform, as those aforesaid are very crucial for interns’ skill development. You will figure out what duties and responsibilities you have to perform later on, but beforehand, familiarize yourself with  graduate internship requirements.

GE is one of the companies that work in the development of aviation, health care, and transportation technology. It is built in South Africa as one of the foreign country company. This company has contributed to the development of aviation, healthcare, and transportation technology in South Africa. Since GE has many work areas, getting higher General Electric Engineering Learnership Careers will be possible. One of the programs that are conducted by this company is the Early Career Graduate Internship Programme (ECGIP). This program allows the African students to get financial and facilitation support to improve the education quality of African students. As mentioned above that GE company has some business focuses. Aviation focuses on the development of flight technology to bring up better flight technology in the future. The healthcare focuses on the healthier continent so that the delivery and economics in healthcare can be changed. Meanwhile, the transportation aspect focus on innovation in cargo and transportation mode.

The job careers in the GE company

As mentioned above that GE company has a wide working area. Therefore, there are many job vacancies are available. Each job needs some requirements. Therefore, the applicant should complete these requirements. For example, the GE digital job. The purpose of this position is to make a programming component and making a set. The person in charge should be able to work individually and as a team. The person may need to make some software that can be used by the company. The staff needs to understand the product requirement and vision. Moreover, the person in charge should be able to communicate with the team member and the leader of another division.

To be able to apply General Electric Engineering Learnership Job, there are some requirements that should be completed. The requirements are including a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The applicants with professional experience and can work full time is preferred. Some other skills can be asked such as the ability for oral and written communication skills and effective building, and others. The position of GE Power requires two types of tasks which are turbine blader and generator winder. The turbine blader is working for the operation of reassembling, repairing, and others. The main tasks of the turbine blader staff are cover installation and machining, bucket replacement and repair, and others. More Information About Job Open In GE: APPLY GENERAL ELECTRIC

The applicant who wants to apply this job need to complete the requirement such as computer proficiency, able to be mechanical fitter and has good experience in repairing machine. The applicant with good oral and written communication skills may be preferred. The generator winder aims for monitoring and operating the winder that is a complicated machine. The person in charge needs to be able to fix the electrical and mechanical issues and perform the electrical and mechanical tests. The applicant that wants to apply this job need to complete the requirements such as a high school diploma, has the certificate as the armature winder, able to work in the off hours (including weekend). The applicant that is able to perform electrical testing is strongly desired by the company.

The requirement of GE Opportunity

General Electric Engineering Learnership Opportunity may have a little bit different from the other positions. This position mainly focuses on creating the opportunity and winning the sales competition as a part of the healthcare team. The main responsibilities of GE healthcare are creating new sales opportunities, working with the sales leader, and presenting the technology and clinical technology to the customers. The applicant who wants to apply this job should be able to complete the requirements such as a bachelor’s degree in management, has an excellent skill in the negotiation and promotion product.

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