Glencore Bursary Programme

Glencore bursary programe is now available for aspiring students that aim their education in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, and chemical engineering. Speak of the bursary, it is limited into some categories that are based on the place where the bursary programme is opened. As for this bursary, you can find it in four different places, which are; (1) Western Mine for mechanical engineering, (2) Boshoek that is destined for P1/P2 experiential learners for electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and metallurgical engineering, (3) Rustenburg for metallurgical engineering, and (4) Rhovan for chemical engineering/electrical engineering/mechanical engineering.

Available Bursaries

Anyway, do you expect to know further for Glencore bursary programme? Ensure that you meet the least requirements to apply the bursary, they are; (1) if you are applicants with grade 12, you need to at least have “B” symbol for English, Science, and Maths, (2) if you are applicants from first or second year students, then you must obtain 100% rate for all subjects. Now , if you think that you are interested for the bursary programme and hold the requirements that are requested, you can apply for the bursary by submitting your well-structured CV to, Keep in mind that no late application will consider, so then ensure that you send the application before its deadline on April 15th.

To figure out whether your application is successful or not, then you need to wait about 21 days after the closing date of Glencore bursary programme. Say that the official contacts you, it means you win the chance to be considered as successful bursars at Glencore with these following benefits such as; tuition fees and registration fees, accommodation and meals, a monthly allowance, vacation work (paid), prescribed books, and mandatory “work back” period that is lasted about a year (per sponsored year).

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