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Who does not know Goodyear? Goodyear is a company that has its worldwide class of being the manufacturer of rubber especially in tire products. However this company is not only producing tire but the other rubber based too. Goodyear internship learnership opportunity comes as a company that always bringing the innovations for the better technology and condition of the environment and social. Goodyear is a tire and rubber company started this production from 1898 and it is started with only 13 worker where at that time, this company only produce bicycle and carriage tires. This company then grew rapidly and become the greatest company of tire and rubber manufacturer in the world. This company has its slogan that has been used since 1916 that is More people ride on “Goodyear tires than on any other kind”. This slogan shows how big and quick the growth of this company than the other companies. Now, Goodyear has been spread worldwide and this is also spread in Africa region. In South Africa, this company has its main branch located in Uitenhage that handle consumer tires and OTR tires. Goodyear internship learnership Careers in South Africa also opened for you who like to have job in this company. Joining this company will give you more opportunities to have world class experience in working.

As a global manufacturer or tire and rubber, Goodyear in South Africa placed in two addresses that are Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Holdings located in Walmer (Port Elizabeth) and Goodyear South Africa (Proprietary) Limited in 117 Prospect Road, Walmer. Speaking about having a career here, you are available to get the information through LinkedIn. There are some class for those who are searching for a vacancy in Goodyear that are divided to groups that are Graduate, Engineer, Professional and Student. For those professional, Goodyear in South Africa is looking for professionals who can attract, develop, motivate and retain the best team of associates. This is also needed in building and earning endless relationship with consumers, customers and business partner also helping them to get their expectations. You will also drive aligned, efficient and effective organisation. And, you must create sustainable business model which deliver strong investment reture consistently.

For Engineer group, this is open for you who have engineer competents. Engineers will have collaboration with Research and Developement department in creating more innovation and diverse manufacturing plants. It is also important for improving the company development to the future. For this group, you will always get coaching and training in case of developing your skill and improving your capabilities in engineering field. If you want to apply this job in here: APPLY GOODYEAR JOB

For Graduate group, Goodyear has place for those who are recently graduate from your study to join in order to gain the automotive world and tire industry experiences. Goodyear gives the opportunities for those who excited in facing challenges and want to have professional and personal development. This will be a chance for you to have close social relationships and experience sharing with fellow graduates.

In Student Group, Goodyear internship learnership job opens the internship for those students who have willingness to learn world class automotive company. This company has more than 200 internships for students who want to join this program. There is a possibility to make it done in 3 or 6 months of mandatory internship. This opportunity is good in enrich your background of education. It will give you professional experience about international environment with many values. You are offered by Goodyear to have competitive remuneration and you can have possibility to be hired upon new talent’s performance while studying in internship program. Joining this world class company will give you benefits of salary and also the other allowances from the company.

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