Graduate Internship Opportunities At EC Dept Of Sports, Arts & Culture

EC Dept of Sports, Arts & Culture invites qualified graduates to join the graduate internship opportunities that will be started in April. Speak of the opportunities for the graduate internship, it is opened only for;(1) potential graduates between 18 and 35 years old, (2) you look for chance for work-based experience within the specified field, (3) you hold National Diploma or Bachelor degree related to the graduate internship program that is set. Point to the graduate internship program, you have two options, Art and Culture graduate internship program and Natural Science graduate internship program.

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Unemployed graduates that have interest in Art and Culture, you can secure your position for the graduate internship with either degree or diploma for Arts that is focused on Film, Drama Visual Arts, Dance and Music. Successfully joining the aforesaid graduate internship program, you will benefit R5000.00 monthly allowance. When it comes to Natural Science graduate internship, it requires you to hold BSc Degree, but if you have post graduate for degree or diploma, henceforth, your chance is wider for graduate internship opportunities at EC Dept Of Sports, Arts & Culture. You will gain R5000.00 as monthly stipend. Afterward, tag along current CV, qualifications certified copies, SA ID, the proof of residency in South Africa and as well Z83 form (that is signed) which you can obtain from the nearest Public Service Department.

Submit the necessary documents for graduate internship opportunities either Natural Science or Art and Culture to, The Senior Manager/HRM/Dept Of Sport/Recreation/Arts and Culture/Private Bag Bisho 5605. Hand delivery is also allowable by delivering the application to, No.5 Eales Street, Wilton Zimasile Mkwayi Complex/Office 09 HRM/King William Town before its closing date. Perhaps, you have things to ask related to graduate internship program, directly call 043 604 4110 (Ms. N. P. Nomvete). In addition fax and email will be not considered.

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