Graduate Internship Programme At Molemole Local Municipality

Qualified applicants now can apply graduate internship programme from Molemole Local Municipality. In addition people with disabilities and disadvantaged background are allowed to apply as well. The opportunity for the graduate internship, it comes in some categories; road and storms, water and sanitation, local economic development, integrated development plan, town and regional planning, administration, and human resource management. Interested? To apply for the graduate internship, certainly you have to match the requested qualifications, they are; grade 12 and National Diploma or B Com Degree, else such a qualification within its pertinent area based on the internship graduate that you apply.

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Too, ensure that you have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good in operating computer, and report writing (for the latter it depends on the internship graduate opportunity that you apply). Remember as well to prepare application letter with signed covering, curriculum vitae, and certified copies of qualifications and identity document when applying graduate internship programme at Molemole Local Municipality. After you finish with the preparation, submit your application to, the Municipal Manager/Molemole Local Municipality/Private Bag X44/Dendron 0715. Another way, submit your application to Molemole Local Municipality/Morebeng Branch Office/25 Cnr. Roets and Viviers Street/Soekmekaar.

Your application for Molemole Local Municipality graduate internship programme should be sent before end of date, only if you receive response within 90 days from the closing date your application is considered as successful. Note, here the things which make your application unsuccessful, lateness of submitting the application, can’t meet the requirements, recklessly fax, email, and use Z83 application, and incomplete document. Anyway, have some other questions toward the graduate internship opportunity, you can contact 015 501 233412333 (Mr RB Ramohlale). In addition that you already join a typical graduate internship opportunity, your application will be not considered, and you need to tag SAQA reports if you use foreign qualifications. Finally, successful applicants will gain R3000.00 per month.

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