Grindrod Internship Learnership Career Program

Internship graduate internship is a stepping stone for graduates to gain better chance to obtain strong foundation for their future career. For that reason, you have to apply Grindrod Internship Learnership Career program that will start next year. Any interest applicants for the previously mentioned graduate internship, you have to; excellent communication skills, sound academic results, computer lit, and bold analytical ability. Ensure that you hold qualification as follows, (1) sustainability studies human resources or environmental, (2) engineering, (3) IT, supply chain management & computer science, and logistics, (4) finance or accounting, and (5) auditing.

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Grindrod Internship Learnership Career Program

Even so, the qualification is not only those above. Since there is a possibility that applicants who apply with other qualifications will be considered, nevertheless, it depends only on industry needs. In order to successfully apply for Grindrod Internship Learnership Career program 2017, 2018 & 2019, the qualification should be a full qualification from higher learning education and it should be not longer than two years or your application will not successful. Aside from the qualifications abovementioned, this internship program is designed only for those applicants who are considered as previously disadvantaged individual. No closing date is given, however, applicants can apply the internship through online application.

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Apply Online Grindrod Internship Learnership Career

Apply and then successfully attend Grindrod Internship Learnership Career program, knowing the program structure of the internship upfront, it caters you benefit. First, the graduate internship opportunity will be given for particular needs or based onĀ  career/skill development needs of potential interns. Second, the internship program will last for about12 months, and during that time successful interns will get exposed toward work-based experience that is needed for future skill development. Third, while joining the graduate internship program, applicants will become part of both internal and external programs which are necessary for interns skill development. Fourth, successful interns will be placed to certain sector that is best matched their career interest and academic background, and more.

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