Impala Platinum (IMPLATS) Learnerships Careers Opportunity

If you are currently looking for a job, especially in a company that deals with metal, choosing IMPLATS learnership career can be a great option for you. IMPLATS, or Impala Platinum Holdings Limited, is one of the primary company in the world that produce platinum and its associates. Around a quarter of world’s primary platinum supply are produced by this company. IMPLATS has five major operations that are situated in South Africa (Bushveld Complex) and Zimbabwe (Great Dyke). These two are the most important core bodies of PGM-bearing in around the world.

The five major operations are Two Rivers, Impala, Mimosa, Zimplats, and Mimosa. Its headquarters are located in Johannesburg. This company has a vision to become the best platinum manufacturer in the world that give excellent value to their stakeholders. The mission of this company is to mine, refine, recycle, process, and market platinum safely and at reasonable cost to ensure maintainable value creation to their stakeholder. IMPLATS supports diverse workforces due to their global business. They appreciate employees that are able to work in challenging environments and constantly developing themselves to seek for innovations.

The amount of employees that currently work at IMPLATS is around 40,000 people with various expertise and positions. This company offers the chance to work in a world-class mining corporations. The benefits of joining this company are the competitive salaries, their commitment in the transformation that match with larger economy settings, challenging environments, and chances to develop careers, such as training, especially in leadership, to improve employees’ potentials to the fullest. For those of you who want to see LEARNERSHIP: Apply IMPLATS Learnership

Some of the IMPLATS careers paths that are offered are listed below: Commerce and accounting: this career path is included in finance department. The goals of this department is to regulate, collect, analyze, and decipher financial information to make sure that both external and internal stakeholders (shareholders, management, banks, and investors), are able to use the information to predict the future of this company and make decisions according to the historic information. The basic requirements for this career path are computer skills, communication skills, and ability to understand figure work. Others important attributes are self-motivation, analytical ability, integrity, flexibility, problem solving skills, and endurance.

Mining engineering: this career is combining some fields of expertise, such as engineering expertise and mining knowledge. A mining engineer also needs a brief knowledge about business and financial principles, management skills, and people skills. This career path allow you to advance to be mine manager. A mine manager is responsible for minerals extractions, both economically and safely, according to the business target. The basic skills that are needed for this career path are knowledge in science and mathematics, and interest in production, business, and finance. Other attributes that are important are tenacity, endurance, decision making skills, people management skills, sound common sense, and problem solving skills.

Electrical and mechanical engineering: this department is responsible for monitoring maintenance of machinery and equipment, and monitoring power. The main goal of this department is to handle technical support that is necessary to achieve production targets. Mechanical engineering will be involved in the maintenance, design, and production of machinery, engine, and equipment that is used in the company. Electrical engineering (heavy current) will be involved in the management, design, installation, and manufacture of various systems and appliance that involves electrical energy. For light current, it will be involved in the management of process control, telecommunications, data processing, and navigation.

The career paths that are described above are some of the careers that you can choose in IMPLATS. Other careers are also available, such as geology, analytical chemistry, and chemical/metallurgy engineering. For further information regarding IMPLATS learnership based on your needs.

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