Internal Audit Learnership Opportunity From Mercantile Bank

Suitable unemployed graduates who have interest in internal audit should consider internal audit learnership program that is designed by Mercantile Bank, for the reason that during the program you will get exposed with any relevant things that you need to know about internal audit for your own benefit. What it takes to apply the learnership by Mercantile Bank? Understand the requirements for the Mercantile Bank learnership opportunity in internal audit, it brings better advantage for you. Some requirements apply for the learnership opportunity, you will find them below.

Mercantile Bank Learnership

Applying internal audit learnership, here are things you should know, (1) you hold either national diploma or degree qualification in internal audit, (2) as the learnership program is located in Sandton, ensure that you have no problem to bring yourself attend the learnership, (30 Mercantile Bank arranges a there year learnership for internal audit, make sure that you can afford to complete the learnership properly, and (1) you have no previous experience for work. You want to apply for the learnership opportunity at Mercantile Bank, submit the application before the closing date of the program on June 12th 2016.


Visit Mercantile Bank official site to apply and to obtain more information for Mercantile Bank internal audit learnership. During your time attending the leanership program in the case that you are successfully win the learnership, there will be per month allowance, but it is not a salary. In addition, keep in mind that the learnership is renewable per year. Another thing that you should know about the learnership is that you will be obliged to conduct the professional training program at the institute of internal auditors. Not to mention, but current unemployed graduates who seek for career opportunity in internal audit department, this learnership opportunity in internal audit by Mercantile bank is a great opportunity.

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