ITAC Graduate Internship Opportunity

Four ITAC graduates internship programs are opened for unemployed graduates with potential to meet the requirements, which are; (1) citizen of South Africa whose ages are around 18 to 35 years old, (2) you hold higher education that is requested by the graduate internship program that you apply, (3) you have no experience of work or you never join another graduate internship program previously, (4) sign the graduate internship agreement for successful graduate internship applicants, and (5) capable in attending the training program that will last for 12 months.

ITAC Learnership

Now, the positions suitable applicants can apply for ITAC graduate internship, they are; (1) human resources management internship (Ref: 13/2016) for Bachelor’s degree in human resources management, (2) tariff investigations I (Ref: 11/2016) for bachelor’s degree or relevant major like trade policy, business economics, economics, or international relations, (3) tariff investigations II (Ref: 12/2016) for Bachelor’s degree or those who hold pertinent qualification in auditing, accounting, business economics, or economics, and (4) legal services (Ref: 10/2016) for LLB qualifications or if you have international trade law qualification, it caters you better advantage.

Application letter should be sent afterward if you consider yourself capable of the requirements that are set by ITAC graduate internship alongside with reference number based on graduate internship program that you apply and detailed curriculum vitae. Submit your complete application to, ITAC HR/Private Bag X753/Pretoria/0001, none later than its closing date on June 3rd 2016. Note, any application that are delivered to ITAC later than the closing date will be not considered. Too, only the shortlisted has privilege to get the correspondence. Thus, you get none, it states that your application is not successful. There are also some other additional documents you should submit before the appointment occurs. Finally, successful applicants will receive monthly allowance approximately R6000.

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