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For those who are interested on working in laboratory, choosing LANCET learnership career can be the best option. As one of the primary pathology laboratories throughout Africa, Lancet Laboratories become a promising place to start your career. This company provides monitoring pathology and vital diagnostic facilities in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Nigeria. This company has a commitment to provide diagnostic excellence, thus, it is accredited by SANAS using the international criteria that is set by ISO Standard 15189. The company also provides specialist pathology facilities for mining sectors, corporates, and insurance, and runs in private healthcare setting.

In a month this company is able to do almost 1.8 million laboratory tests. Other services that are provided by Lancet include sophisticated cytogenic and molecular investigations, and complex chemical analysis. The pathologists in the company are the shareholders of the business and at the same time also provide professional services of pathologic diagnosis. There are over 80 specialists with different field of expertise and these pathologists run the service, ensuring the validity and quality of the investigations. Other than investigations, these pathologists also provide consultations to industry sectors, physicians, insurance, organized healthcare institutions, and the professional health environment.

Lancet Laboratories was established around sixty years ago. Located in the middle of Johannesburg primary highway, this company is able to provide service to the whole Gauteng region. This company merged with Pillay Macintosh & Partners and Durban pathology practice to develop the geographical footprint of the company and strengthen pathology expertise. The most recent growth of this company is its merging with Independent Pathology Services located in Alberton, and Niehaus and Dyson Laboratories located in Pretoria.

This merging enable the company to develop its reach within Gauteng Province and enhance the efficiency of turn-around times that improve clients’ satisfactions. All departments and laboratories in Lancet implement a QMS or Quality Management System that is handled by quality department. Following the objective of this company to achieve certification to ISO 9001 for every department and accreditation to ISO 15189 for every laboratories, the implementation of this QMS holds an important role. The main goal of this company is to provide accurate, competent, and quality of investigation results to ensure the satisfaction of the clients.

Lancet Laboratories always put a lot of efforts to give the best services to respect their clients. To achieve this, Lancet put a lot of care to the patients by providing responsive customer-care, professional and friendly healthcare team, and cost-effeective courier network. To maintain the consistency of the quality, the Quality Assurance department work their best to attain and keep SANAS accreditation that use the international criteria as its standard. This company also play part in supporting healthier Africa by providing the best services and facilities to strengthen the struggle against tuberculosis, HIV, and other health issues in the continent. The pride of Lancet Laboratories is its diagnostic excellence. This company always put their best to provide the highest precision and accuracy of the tests and deliver the results as fast as possible to ensure the satisfaction of the clients. For those of you who want to see LEARNERSHIP: Apply LANCET Learnership

Lancet Groups provides various range of LANCET chances, such as information technology, phlebotomy, quality control and assurance, biomedical technology, procurement, human training and resources, client relationship management, administration and finance, and marketing. This company also offers technical training programs, such as student laboratory assistant program, phlebotomy learnerships, biomedical technology internships, and student medical laboratory technician program. Executive and Leadership Program is also offered to develop leadership in the company. For further information regarding LANCET learnership based on your needs.

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