Limpopo Tobacco Processors (LTP) Learnership and Career

Tobacco processor learnership and career program is based in Rustenburg, Limpopo, the South Africa, North West Province. Tobacco processor contracts every FCV tobacco farmer in around South Africa. It produces 12,500 tons of tobacco annually. Most of the products is produced in the Limpopo and Mpumalngan Provinces bordering the Zimbabwe. Limpopo tobacco processors is the largest single supplier of the tobacco leaves for domestic buyers in around South Africa. Tobacco processor develops the suitable tobacco varieties. Also, through the dedicated research, the outstanding agronomy services and the growing practices, it increases the average production yield up to 3,000 kg/ha.

The contimous monitoring and proper management ensure the elimination if the Non tobacco Related Material (NTRM). Tobacco leaf is produced in South Africa delivers the outstanding chemistry balance with the typical leaf of Southern Africa smooking qualities. The tobacco processors learnership and career in Limpopo factory, Rustenburg, is equipped with all of the latest processing equipment with such a capacity of 10 tons per hour. Well trained and dedicated staf will ensure about best quality product of the highest world tobacco standard quality.

Limpopo tobacco processors learnership strives to provide such a healthy and safe working environment for all the people who work there and avoid of disrupting or harming the communities and environment in which it operates well. The Limpopo tobacco processor learnership offers an integrated occupational health system that is available for all the employees there. The employees’ right to confidentiality would be respected and recognized.

You can contribute to this tobacco processor company’s Endeavour in the regard by complying with safety and health rules and regulations, taking measures in order to prevent workplace illnesses and injuries, providing a healthy and safe working environment and cooperating with general public. The government and the other interested parties develop regulatory and the public policies in order to protect the public health and environment. For those of you who want see learnership: Apply Limpopo Tobacco Processors

Tobacco processor learnership and career expects the candidates to perform conscientiously their duties when they already have become the employees in the best interest of this company. The company does not expect that its employees use their knowledge or position gained through the employment with this tobacco processor company for personal or private advantage or in a manner that there would be created such a conflict in between this tobacco processor company and the employee’s private interest.

A conflict of the interest can arise where an employee, member of employee’s family, his or her family is associated with obtaining and gaining advantage by the virtue of the employee’s position in this company. The employees should have to comply with all of the applicable regulations and laws which related to the activities and on behalf of this company. This tobacco processor company does not condone in any violation of the unethical or law business dealing by the employee; it includes in any payment for or the other participation in such an illegal act like money laundering or bribery activities.

This tobacco processor learnership is committed to achieve the environmental, safety, and health excellence. This company strives to provide a healthy and safe working environment for all of the employees, which is tolerant with the culture diversity, the right for different opinions, and also the fair treatment for all the employees. Workplace cuties, behavior, and relationship are proper, honest, and fair need to comply with the applicable laws, particularly with provisions of Constitution and the principles which relates to the tobacco processor.

Employees have to ensure that they are independent from any business organizations that are having a contractual relationship with this company or providing the services or good for this company. If a relationship might influence or make the impression of influencing the decisions in their duties performance company, the employees should acquire such a financial interest directly or indirectly.


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