Magalies Water Learnership Internship Career in South Africa

Magalies Water Learnership Internship Career at Magalies Water is opened in order to promote talented young generation skill development. And likewise other graduate internship opportunity, each of its successful internship will on-the-job training to give them further knowledge about how it feels to enter the real work environment, because in most cases theoretical knowledge alone is not enough. This graduate internship opportunity not only embrace different disciplines, but also it is available in different location. It is important, to apply the graduate internship, you should confirm first that you are around 18 to 45 years old. As one of the biggest companies that you can find in South Africa, it is not a strange thing for Magalies Water to promote and inform a lot of things related with this company to the outside world. That is why this company is currently giving the opportunity for those who are interested in joining the Magelis Water Learnership Career as the media specialist on this company. Since this company is quite big, you do not need to worry about the facilities, privileges, and some other things related with the benefits that you would get. That is because those things are more than enough for those who live in the area of South Africa. If you are interested in becoming one of those who help this company to reach its highest position in South Africa, then you need to know these things first.

Your Responsibility at Magalies Water Learnership Job

Talking about your work as the media specialist on this company, your main job is to help this company to provide and share the proper information of this company to the outside world through the internet and some other social media platform. However, for the details of the job description, you can try to check these things below:

You are required to work with the GM and the stakeholders to identify and find the possible opportunities to help this company grow, You are required to support the GM to provide the consultation of the media handling capability in order to give proper information about Magalies Water to the other colleagues outside the company, You are required to manage the digital projects that this company has starting from the simple to the advanced ones, You are required to study and learn more about the development of technology and media outside the company to reach the goals that you can find on the first point above, You have the full responsibility of the monitoring and tracking of the media-related information about the Magalies Water in South Africa.

Send Your Application Letter

If you think that you have all of the things that they need, you can easily send your application letter through their official email address. You can check it on the official website of Magalies Water to find the email. If you are want to see list of job or learnerships: APPLY MAGALIES WATER

Some General Requirements to Apply for the Career

If you have learned the duties and the responsibilities of the media specialist in Magalies Water Learnership Opportunity, then you need to know the general requirements that this company expect from all of the applicants. Here are some of them:

(1) The applicants are required to have the B degree in either communication, journalism, or media. Without the proper qualification, the application will not be accepted. If you are already graduated from one of those majors, then your position will be more secured because you will have the advantages over the other candidates. (2) The applicants are required to have the minimum experience of three to five years in the related field. It does not have to be a formal work or something like that as long as the exposure is great enough. Even though, Magalies Water has the complete control over the consideration of the exposures.

(3) The applicants are required to have a great communication skills, both for oral and written expression. This one is because as the media specialist you are required to make some writings through the internet communication as well as speeches through the direct presentation to give proper information about Magalies Water. (4) The last but not least, the applicants should have a high proficiency in using English as their secondary language because they are not only dealing with the clients inside South Africa, but also clients from outside South Africa.

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